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Business Owner/ Greenville, SC

Lindsay has helped hundreds of families find the perfect full-time nannies and household managers for their needs through The Peace of Mind Project’s nanny placement services since 2016. She consults with families in search of nannies, helping them to clearly define their needs and desires to create a job description. She then uses her marketing, communication, and human resources expertise to identify, interview, and recommend nanny candidates, working throughout the process to recommend and foster the perfect fit. Lindsay became owner of the business in 2022.

A few of my favorite things: A sunny day at Hilton Head Island with my husband and four young children, my brunching best gal pals, and sneaking in a quick power nap! 


In my free time, you can find me: Enjoying some chips and queso, planning the next big adventure with my family, and probably reviewing some elementary school homework for their upcoming tests! 


My Why: My motherhood journey started when I became a mom to twin babies. It was an amazing experience, but I quickly realized I was going to sink without my tribe of friends, church, and family supporting me. They held me (and a baby) up often and reminded me we were going to make it through the intense times. I live to tell the journey now and want other moms to see the light that I was given with the right support in place.  


My Momtra: Better Together. We all need each other and when we give help and receive it freely we are better moms, wives, friends, etc.

Lindsay Neely- The Peace of Mind Project
Lydia Knatt- The Peace of Mind Project


Administrative Coordinator / Greenville, SC


Lydia supports the entire nanny placement service and is a key player in the success of matching the very best nanny or household manager with a family's specific needs.

A few of my favorite things: Jesus, my family (hubby & three babies), coffee, reading and sleeping.

In my free time, you can find me: taking care of my family, creating something new/fun in the kitchen, reading a book or taking a quick Power Nap! 

My Why: Living out the message to be yourself and be true to who you are. Don’t let life bog you down; if it does, just STOP take a deep breath and try again. Life is too precious to remain stuck. Take a look at all around you—there is life in everything from the budding trees to the very laughter of your children. Just take a moment and enjoy it all…live and live in the present. 


My Momtra: LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE. Live in the moment, laugh through the pain and tears, and love no matter what happens (in both the highs and lows that life gives us).


Founder / Greenville, SC


Amber’s journey began as a new mom, when she quickly realized there was a deficit in the support and resources she was provided with. Her career path quickly pivoted, focusing solely on creating a business that supported moms when they needed it most. The Peace of Mind Project has since served hundreds of families and improved the lives of countless women.

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