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Founder / Greenville, SC

For years, Amber has been pioneering the mom and baby industry. Her journey began as a new mom, when she quickly realized there was a deficit in the support and resources she was provided with. Her career path quickly pivoted, focusing solely on creating a business that supported moms when they needed it most. 

From this specialized work, Amber and her team support and work with moms virtually all throughout the country. What started as an idea to change a mom’s journey, has grown into a national company helping improve the lives of countless women.

When Amber is not working, you will find her spending time with her husband and two kids.


Project Coordinator / Greenville, SC

A few of my favorite things: A sunny day at Hilton Head Island with my husband and three young children, my brunching best gal pals, and sneaking in a quick power nap! 


In my free time, you can find me: Enjoying some chips and queso, planning the next big adventure with my family, and probably reviewing some elementary school homework for their upcoming tests! 


My Why: My motherhood journey started when I became a mom to twin babies. It was an amazing experience, but I quickly realized I was going to sink without my tribe of friends, church, and family supporting me. They held me and a baby up often and reminded me we were going to make it through the intense times. I live to tell the journey now and want other moms to see the light that I was given with the right support in place.  


My Momtra: Better Together. We all need each other and when we give help and receive it freely we are better moms, wives, friends, etc.



Event Director, The Lighthouse
/ Greenville, SC

A few of my favorite things: That first smile of the day when I go into my son's room in the morning, Sunday night Chinese food with my husband and any time spent on the beach


In my free time, you can find me: 1000% any time I get to myself is dedicated to whatever trashy TV show I’m binging. No shame in my reality TV game!


My Why: The short answer: my mental health! Recently becoming a mom to my son Brody has been the most amazing and the most challenging experience of my entire life. When he was born, although I was experiencing such high high’s of being a new mom and all that joy, I also was feeling the lowest of low’s - anxiety, depression, loneliness. I realized quickly in talking to my best friend Jordan that I would not survive motherhood without the support of her and other moms. With over 10 years of event production experience and Jordan’s background in marketing and graphic design, we knew that together we could create something really impactful to help not only other moms, but also ourselves. Nothing drives me more than wanting to be the best version of myself for my family!


My Momtra: Remember this: you can start fresh every single morning. Every day is a new day.



Marketing Director, The Lighthouse Effect / Greenville, SC

A few of my favorite things: a weekend in the mountains or on the lake with my family, watching Disney movies with my two-year-old, and listening to my daughter's laugh. Nothing better than that. 


In my free time, you can find me: what is free time!? But seriously, when I get an hour to myself, I usually curl up on the couch to watch The Real Housewives with a glass of red in hand. 


My Why: My best friend, Allie, and I became new moms within a year of each other and immediately grew closer, but we felt the need for a community of moms in the area to help us navigate all the ups and downs of motherhood. We wanted other mamas to know that they were not alone in their feelings of anxiety, depression, joy, fear, stress, identity, acceptance, etc. We needed a tribe of moms just looking for other moms to relate to. We started having honest conversations with other moms in the area and that's where Amber Michels came in. She heard us, she cried with us and assured us that others are looking for the exact same thing. And that's how this real, raw, and imperfect community of moms was born and we call it The Lighthouse Effect. 


My Momtra: Let go of perfection / One day at a time!