Happy Mamas

"YMS was absolutely wonderful, extremely responsive and very helpful in the daunting process of finding a nanny. Can’t recommend them enough."

-Julie S.


"After a month of searching and using multiple services that failed to respond, much less provide any support, Your Milk Shoppe found us 3 nannies to interview within 4 days of our initial conversation. On top of that, they found 3 nannies, who had experience with multiples, and could start immediately. By trade, I’m a recruiter in professional staffing and I was amazed at the quality and service of this company." 

-Jessica C.

"I’ve already recommended YMS to several people - I told them that it is a very streamline process, and y’all do a great job finding candidates. It is so helpful to have a pool of candidates to choose from that are qualified, professional, and have references to check in with. Finding the time to do anything extra other than caring for kids, household chores, etc., is nearly impossible, so in my opinion, having someone else handle the more rigorous tasks in finding someone is worth the money."

-Jennifer W.


"My decision to use YMS nanny placement services has been one of no regrets. The process was so seamless and what would normally be a very stressful decision was such an easy one. We have what I consider the best nanny and couldn't imagine life without her. When it comes to high quality candidates they definitely delivered. Without question I would use them again if I was ever in the market for a new nanny."

-Linda F.


"Jaymee was amazing, very professional and extremely helpful!"

-Megan N.



"It made a world of difference to rely on Amber to filter our population of applicants and trust that she was doing a high quality job. It allowed me to focus on other things and was worth the money."

-Brett C.



"I will recommend YMS to ALL my friends looking for a nanny but especially a first time mom. Kimmie guided me through the process seamlessly, answering all my questions and educating me about things I never anticipated as a part of this process. She worked quickly and tirelessly to find the perfect nanny for our family. Her consistent and honest communication with me and all the potential candidates was invaluable. Thanks to Kimmie and YMS I was able to enjoy my maternity leave bonding with my son instead of spending hours screening potential candidates."

-Ashley F.


"They're fantastic and Amber is so incredibly kind and understanding. She completely took the stress out of finding a nanny and supported me all along the way."

-Carolyn P.


 “It's no exaggeration to say that Kimmie felt like a guardian angel as we frantically found ourselves in need of a new nanny for our 8 month old. Due to our demanding work schedules, we went with the full service nanny placement option. The entire process was remarkably easy, seamless and invaluable. Thank you, Kimmie!”

-Carey W.