Your Milk Shoppe in 2018 – A Letter from Amber & Kimmie

Happy New Year, Mamas!

As business owners, we have learned so much this past year. So much about ourselves. So much about our time and energy, how to use it wisely and what we can do to protect it. So much from the relationships we’ve foraged with all of you talented and passionate women in our communities. So much from all of our wonderful clients. It has been such an incredible gift, and we are so grateful. ❤️

So while we’re not much for “resolutions” around here, there is something to be said about pausing and taking a look back before taking the next step forward. The new year always feels like a good time to do that. We took some time away from business this holiday season to focus on family and reflect on the past year, paying particularly close attention to our successes and our lessons learned, and the ways that we can best support you, our MamaTribe.

There’s been talk of 2018 being dubbed The Year of the Woman (we’re hoping for real this time!) and that is something we can definitely get behind. Our mantra will continue to be Community over Competition, with the mission of supporting women and fellow mamas as the pulse and the heartbeat of this business. It is our goal that you see Your Milk Shoppe as a place to go for inspiration, information, and community, and we are thrilled to announce that third layer coming to life in the coming months.

Here are a few highlights you can expect from us in 2018!

Educational Workshops and Social Events

We have been working ’round the clock to create relevant and useful workshops to help you navigate the many different phases of parenting. We know there are not enough hours in the day to read the one million parenting books out there, so we’re working with the best in our communities to consolidate concepts and bring you the highlights. There will be in-person workshops as well as virtual options for our mamas afar. Stay tuned for more updates later this month!

In addition to educational workshops, YMS will begin hosting local social events centered around connecting our MamaTribe. Motherhood is TOUGH, oh so tough. It can be lonely and isolating sometimes, but it’s our goal to flip that script. We want this girl gang community to be a place where you can find solidarity in -and celebrate!- this beautiful, challenging, perfectly imperfect role of being a mom. We want this community to be your safe space, where real talk in a judgement-free zone is encouraged. A sisterhood in motherhood.

Small Business Showcases and Mom Spotlights

We will continue to highlight and share our favorite businesses and boutiques, their products, and the shop owner’s personal stories. In addition, we will continue to spotlight moms that we revere and feature other bloggers whose messages we adore.

Corporate Partnerships

One more exciting development for this upcoming year is an initiative partnering with employers to support their expectant and new moms. Through education and support, this program helps prepare women for the most intense transition in their life: becoming a mother. The goal of this program is to encourage women in the workforce to not just survive, but to thrive, both at home and in their careers. For the employer, the end result is increased female talent retention and more women at the table, which is always a good thing if you ask us.

Sound good to you? Good!

We cannot wait to apply all that we’ve learned this past year with the hope that it will continue to support and empower you. Looking forward to sharing this new chapter and this new year with each and every one of you.

Our very best,

Amber & Kimmie

Co-founders of Your Milk Shoppe

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