Why We’re Thankful for Sugar Bean Bow Co.’s Carrie Richmond!

There’s nothing we at Your Milk Shoppe love more than supporting other mama-owned small businesses, which is why we’re so excited to introduce you to Sugar Bean Bow Co.’s Carrie Richmond! Carrie is the heart behind our new additions to the MILK boxes, both for moms and siblings. She created the big brother/ big sister bracelets we love, and she created custom “hot mama” mugs for our Milk Shoppe Mamas!

Carrie makes bows, bracelets, and mugs over at her Etsy shop (AKA her living room while her kiddos nap) and has offered so kindly to give our readers- yes, you- a special coupon code for Christmas gifts! Just pop on over to Sugar Bean Bow Co. on Etsy & type in the code MilkShoppe for 25% off any purchase before 11/26! Thanks, Carrie!


Now, meet Carrie! We loved having an excuse to spend a morning drinking coffee with this “hot mama!” Carrie and her Colorado-born hubby Jordan have two kids- Wyatt, who is almost 4, and Emme, who is 15 months. Carrie shared with us that Sugar Bean Bow Co. came from a love for her daughter Emme. She loves putting big bows on Emme…who doesn’t love a toddler with a big bow!?! Jordan’s Grandmother created a lovely collection in Emme’s early months, but Carrie quickly realized she would want a stash bigger than she felt comfortable asking Grandma to make! After a lesson or two with the original bow-Queen, Carrie started creating.


Carrie’s favorite thing about this creative outlet is the peace that it brings her in having a space to herself. She never considered herself an artsy person, but felt like she could really tap into that side of her after she became a mama. The idea for Sugar Bean began last December, but she just opened her Etsy shop over Easter, and boy has it grown! She wants to take it slow, though. It was always intended to be a creative outlet for her- the minute it takes away from her family or causes too much stress, it’s no longer serving it’s purpose. Bravo for knowing this about yourself, Carrie!

Speaking of stress, Carrie (like so many of us) feels that we are applauded for being stressed in our culture. “Other cultures put family first and I want to do that. I don’t want to wake up and be 90 and have worked my life away to miss things with my kids.” This rings so true to the YMS tribe- family always comes first and that is exactly why we’re on this path!


One more awesome Carrie-nugget to leave you with right before Thanksgiving. When asked what she’d say if there was only one thing we could tell you about her & Sugar Bean, she said: “Life is so short, if you can find something that gives you joy, just grab it and don’t let go.” A-freaking-men, mama! We love us some you and can’t wait for our mamatribe to snag up some goodies with the MilkShoppe discount code!



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