Why One Mom Decided to Launch a Chemical Free and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service for Greenville Famil

It is such a hot topic of conversation for parents these days: what cleaning agents should you use when cleaning your home that will keep your family safe. I remember when I first learned that I was pregnant, and suddenly I was not only responsible for my own health, I was responsible for my unborn child’s, too.

This really hit home when I went to my first O.B. appointment. I was given a bag full of information on pre-natal vitamins, pre-natal yoga classes, diapers and bottles, pregnancy magazines, and information on birthing and parenting classes. One thing was missing: a simple list of what chemicals to avoid during pregnancy. I was absolutely miffed, and did not understand why this was not as important if not more important than all of the other information I was given.

Your Milk Shoppe is so thankful that we have mamas out there like Jen Greene, Owner of Jen Greene Clean! Not only did she begin to ask herself the same questions as a new mom, she did something about it- she started her very own cleaning company in Greenville, SC! We are thrilled to share her story with you, and to let you in on her own personal pursuit to live a chemical-free life with her family.

Jen, you do something pretty amazing: you offer chemical-free cleaning solutions to people in their homes! I want our audience to learn more about why you chose this venture, and what inspired you?

I started to have some major health issues in my teenage years and they escalated as I came into adulthood. When I was 25 I was on 9 medications and in the hospital unable to feel my hands and feet. The doctors had no idea what was going on. I ended up having to get a spinal tap at midnight from a doctor that had been awake for more than 24 hours. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. They figured out that I was having side effects from one of the medications I was on and they still recommended that I take it to help me sleep. That is not even what it was prescribed to me for! I was furious. I knew in that moment that I needed to be my own health advocate. I went home and weaned myself off all of the medication with the supervision of a better doctor and really started to concentrate on being naturally healthy. I changed everything. How I ate, how I exercised, I threw away all the chemicals in my home, and I started to heal myself. For years after this I sought out “green” cleaners for my own home and never really had much luck with anything. There is so much “green washing” going on these days just to sell products, but they are not truly good for us or for the environment.

Then I had my daughter. She was born early at 35 weeks and was so tiny. She was sick for the first 6 months of her life. I had quit work the year prior so we could go through fertility treatments to have her. So, I was a stay at home mom with previous health issues, had a sick child, and I was not bringing in any income on my own. I did not feel like myself at all. Then, we moved to give ourselves some more space and we needed to hire a cleaning company to clean our new to us home since it had years of neglect. I searched high and low for someone who would use green cleaners and it wasn’t being offered. There was one company who said they would use products like Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers, but it would be at a steep price increase. We did it. There was no way with my health history and my daughter’s health history that we could let chemicals into our home. That’s when the idea sparked. I had always loved to clean. It was an outlet for me. This was my opportunity to get out of the house, out of my head, contribute financially again, but still be with my daughter who had such severe food allergies that she couldn’t be placed in daycare. Everything fell into place at the right time, but when I was cleaning with the green washed products more often, I was coughing and not feeling well again. That’s when I was introduced to Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner and it was a game changer. My health, my family’s health, and all of the Jen Greene Clean families benefited.

As a mom: What guides you, and why do you love being a mama to Clementine?

Clementine is my world. That saying “I’ll eat you up, I love you so” from Where the Wild Things Are, never rang true for me until I had her. I always wanted to be a mom. We tried to get pregnant for 4 years to have her. My health issues caused a lot of problems. Women really have to advocate for their own health with the way our health system works these days and I want to eliminate as many potential health risks as I can for my daughter. I also want her to know that you can lead the life you want to lead. You don’t have to fit into someone else’s mold or template. Life is yours for the taking and you can create something from nothing. I no longer am a slave to a cubicle. I work on my time and my time only. Raising a child to me is the most important work and I plan to dedicate all the time I can to that. Not to brag, but she is a super awesome kid, so I think I’m doing an okay job 🙂

Your Milk Shoppe thinks that you are doing a pretty amazing job, too, Jen! Thank you for not only wanting better for yourself and your family, but for creating and living your version of better – Jen Greene Clean. So many of us are benefitting from your perseverance and drive!

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