What is a Maternity Consultant?

Are you familiar with our Baby Planning services? If you think about it, we often use trusted professionals when it comes to some of the bigger decisions in life. Planning a wedding? Hire an event coordinator. Buying a home? You work with a realtor. Planning to make some investments? You hire a financial advisor. But bringing home your first baby? You completely stress and spend every prenatal waking moment scouring websites, reading product reviews, and researching best practices, while weighing the options of every female in your life… because trust, they have an opinion, and you’ll hear it! It so doesn’t have to be that way. You can confidently transition into parenthood informed, empowered, and NOT totally exhausted before the little bambino even arrives. Here is the low down on one of our favorite services, and why we find it to be so beneficial for new and expectant families.

What is a Maternity Consultant?

A maternity consultant (or baby planner), provides information, education and resources to assist expectant parents in making informed decisions while transitioning into parenthood.

Why hire a maternity consultant?

Many people hire baby planners to save time, money and energy! A baby planner can help expectant parents sort through the over-abundance of information and resources to help determine what is necessary, relevant, and helpful to you. At Your Milk Shoppe, we work with parents to develop a customized plan to meet your specific needs.

Your Milk Shoppe’s services include:

  1. Baby and nursery planning

  2. Child prep education

  3. Bed rest support

  4. Maternity concierge services (including but not limited to): errand running, child care placement, registry preparation and delivery

  5. Green proofing (educating about eco-friendly pregnancy, birth and home environment options)

  6. Post-partum and return to work plans

  7. Education regarding stages of pregnancy, birth options information and referrals to childbirth education classes

  8. Baby wearing education, safety awareness, and child proofing education

  9. We offer services to benefit mamas in ALL stages (just check out the Services tab for more info!)

Who benefits from maternity consulting services?

  1. Parents during all stages of expectancy…whether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant, just about to give birth, and even post-partum!

  2. Parents-to-be seek out assistance for many reasons, including:

  3. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the preparation process, and uncertain when or how to begin;

  4. Just seeking some extra information and resources and a little guidance on the process and timing of preparation;

  5. Living far from family or on bed rest, and in need of a little extra support to help prepare;

  6. Simply too busy to figure out all of the baby-related information and options available in today’s world and seeking a single source to summarize and expedite the process;

  7. Preparing to conceive and interested in taking steps to improve your health and fertility; or

  8. Struggling with infertility and seeking information and resources to help on your journey.

How does baby planning work?

First, call or email us for a free initial consultation to allow us a chance to learn about you and your family so that we can better recommend a customized baby planning package best suited for your needs! The goal is to assist you with your baby registry, research the most practical and safe baby gear for your baby and stock your nursery with everything that you will need for baby from 0-12 months.

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