What is a Maternity Concierge?

Hi mamas! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been asked a wide array of questions about my business, and what exactly it is that I do. I thought it would be fun and informative if I broke down Your Milk Shoppe’s core services one by one and detailed what each encompasses. I will focus on one service per day to offer a clearer understanding of what a Maternity Concierge, Baby Planner, and Parent Coach offers for you and your family.

Maternity Concierge services are tailored to meet clients’ specific and individual needs. These services help parents keep their heads above water by ensuring that weekly errands and responsibilities get done both before and after baby is born.

A first consultation occurs initially between myself and you, the mom-to-be. During this consultation we run through a list of your weekly responsibilities and determine which ones need to leave your plate once the baby arrives.  A tailored weekly timeline is created for you based on information shared with me.  A list of potential providers that you and your baby need is made and I assist in referring you to the best certified and qualified maternity providers out there.  Depending on your needs, I may bring a doula in to work with you, interview nannies so that you only need to speak to the two or three who “made the cut,” provide you with a list of prenatal yoga classes available in your area, help find your perfect birth photographer, and create a list of groups for you and baby to check out once you feel ready to explore the outside world with baby in tow.  All of these resources are incredibly crucial during your first few months of parenthood!

A second session will take place about four to six weeks before your due date. During this meeting we determine what needs remain prior to baby’s arrival.  Do errands need run?  Nursery items may need returned, your fridge and freezer may need stocked, your house may need heavy cleaning, or you may need guidance on additional maternity care providers to choose from after the birth of your little one.  This “list” can become very long and overwhelming, but that is exactly why we are here.

A week before your big day, we will have a final meeting in order to ensure that everything is prepared and that you are feeling relaxed and ready! We may pack your hospital bag, fill your gas tank up, and create a list of phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails to contact with the announcement of your little one’s arrival.  I can handle sending out the birth announcements if you would like, ensuring that everything is addressed and mailed and that the pictures and stats are ready to go out to those closest to you.

If desired, your Maternity Concierge will be “on call” during the final stretch. I will run forgotten or overlooked necessities to your birthing center.  If friends or out of town family members need let into your home, it will be taken care of, ensuring that everything is running smoothly as you and your partner are at your birthing center, focusing on your new family’s first moments.

The goal of your Maternity Concierge service is to fill in the gaps, hold the parents’ hands, and empower and support everyone involved in the preparations for your baby’s (or babies’!) birth. It is amazing how smoothly things can go when you have another set of wheels and helping hands!

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