What is a Baby Planner?

This is the question I asked myself while pregnant, and I am sure many moms have been in the same boat – “Why would I want a baby planner when I can just ask my friends and family for advice?”  As a Baby Planner, I absolutely love this question from potential clients! Why?  Because I lived it and found out the hard way.  What worked for your family and friends several years ago or even recently may not suit your own new family’s particular needs.  And let’s be real – getting ready for a new baby is extremely emotional and intense.  It is much easier to make a choice that is right for you and your new family if you don’t feel like you will hurt someone’s feelings along the way.

By hiring a Baby Planner, you gain a personal consultant who offers support and knowledge to prepare you for your parenting journey.  I act as your point person, providing you with unbiased, unemotional, researched, up to date guidance while preparing for your baby to arrive; this allows you to make the best decisions for you and baby.There is much time spent with you, the mom, in gaining an understanding of the personal aspects of your pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting skills.  Once your complimentary first consultation occurs, I then create lists of recommendations and referrals.  Your customized lists will cover a wide variety of things such as custom baby gear, nursery stocking, schedules for you and your newborn, preferred nursery designers, diaper delivery services, and much more, depending on your specific needs.  While I research and create your individualized lists, you and your family gain invaluable time to focus on what you truly need and want, all the while helping you save money by not buying or registering for products you will rarely use.  Many of these services are offered up through your baby’s birth but can continue all the way through his or her toddler years.

The package may be customized to fit your family’s specific needs – moms might choose services à la carte, or services can be bundled together to incorporate all of your needs.  In addition to product research and consultations, we provide registry assistance, eco-friendly preparations, nursery organization and design, childproofing, daddy training, childcare plans, and hiring support services (lactation consultants, doulas, and nannies, among others).  Selection of products and services that a family chooses to utilize is a very personal choice, and I consider values and tastes in determining which products fit best for baby and family.  I pride myself in getting to know a family and understanding that family’s lifestyle and goals.

Think of it this way – instead of endlessly researching information and products available on the internet, in books, in magazines, in brick and mortar stores, and beyond, you as the parent can now turn to me as your Baby Planner for the most useful knowledge while you maximize your own precious personal time.  If you have ever worked with a wedding planner, a personal trainer, or a realtor, you understand the value of working with passionate experts and advocates.  I will save you time, energy, and money by helping you navigate your pregnancy and the first few months of parenthood.  Why do all of the research, planning, and running around when you don’t have to?  Let me handle all of the planning for you, and allow yourself to rest up in preparation for your new arrival.

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