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It’s Jamie Sabat, founder of Distill + Express, a health and wellness community in DC, back to chat with you about essential oils and safety. I get so many questions from mamas about natural solutions during pregnancy. My first stop is with Doterra Essential oils.

I’m here to share tips and tricks for all you natural mamas. I turned to natural solutions with my last pregnancy and realized there are so many ways to use essential oils. They are pure, yet highly effective! Check out this list of recipes to aid you on your journey into motherhood.

Breast tenderness is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy, and it is a gift that keeps on giving! This “Tender Ta-Tas” blend is a must for the entire pregnancy and after.

  1. Clary Calm for hormonal balance

  2. Grapefruit for breast & uterine issues

  3. Lavender is a natural analgesic that’s relaxing and soothing

  4. Ylang Ylang is great for combating hormonal imbalance.

Anyone ever have problems with digestion? One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is constipation and affected me.

  1. Digestzen works great for upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn and acid indigestion/reflux.

  2. In a 10ml roller bottle combine 5 drops of the DigestZen and roll on your belly bottom. This blend works in just a couple minutes. You can also add a couple drops of DigestZen in your water or Veggie capsule if you prefer.

Then you suddenly feel so tired. I’ve been taking my LLV and it’s been a life saver, but when I’m feeling extra tired (which can happen from time to time during pregnancy), this blend does the trick and picks me right up!

  1. Citrus Bliss is very uplifting and helps combat low Energy & Exhaustion

  2. Peppermint is invigorating and helps increase Alertness & Energy

  3. Elevation is “happiness in a bottle” and helps Energize & Refresh.

  4. Combine these 3 oils in a 10ml roller bottle (5 drops of each). Apply on the palm of your hands, rub together, and inhale. You can also diffuse this combo. It smells amazing!

Are any of you experiencing swelling? You get to a certain point in your pregnancy where shoes are not fitting- YAY! This means not only is it time to increase my water and protein intake, but the combination of the two products below will help you support your body, keep that fluid circulating, and combat aches and pains that so often accompany this magical time in our lives.

  1. Deep Blue Rub – this has been a life saver for me since I’ve been pregnant (and before)! This “Physical Therapist in a bottle” is SUPER cooling and soothing when you’re feeling pressure (due to swelling or anything), aches, pains, etc. I just love how it feels and absorbs so quickly into my skin.

  2. AromaTouch blend also works amazingly for muscle aches, poor circulation, muscle tension, soreness and cramps. It also promotes feelings of comfort and relaxation.

  3. Apply a little Deep Blue rub on the palm of your hand and add 1-2 drops of AromaTouch, rub together, and apply. This combination feels heavenly and your ankles and swollen feet will thank you later.

I also had the worst morning sickness. I had a hard time at the beginning of my pregnancy with morning sickness and it lasted the entire time. I tried many different oils and supplements, but this regimen helped me the most:

  1. I increased the amount of TerraZymes I would normally take to: two capsules with an empty stomach and one with my meals. Giving your body (the right) enzymes can help your digestive system big time.

  2. Cardamom behind my ears and neck. It blocks the receptor pathways of nausea (aka. Makes you feel less nauseous)

  3. Peppermint I just inhale straight from the bottle- this helps a lot of things, including giving you a little boost from your yucky feelings

  4. Ginger in my tea also helps block the receptor pathways of nausea.

  5. Slim & Sassy chewing gum was a life saver for me. I would take everywhere with me and it was such a great relief.

Here are a couple morning sickness/nausea blends to help you out during this not fun time:

  1. In a 10ml roller bottle combine 5 drops of Peppermint, Cardamom, and Lavender. Apply to back of your neck and behind ears. This blend save me big time

  2. Spray/Mist in a 4oz spray bottle add 10 drops of Peppermint, Lemon and Wild orange. Shake well and spray. This spray helps to stay calm, energize and uplift during this time.

If you’re interested in learning more about natural solutions for you and your family, message me on my FB page, Distill + Express.

About the Author:

She started working on Distill + Express to provide healthy solutions for her family. Her desire to live naturally and use essential oils as her main health solution comes from her love for them. She wants her family unit to be happy and the healthiest they can be. Now, her family uses oils to clean the house, fight a cold and rock themselves gently to sleep – all with natural solutions. What a great feeling!

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