Top Picks for Outdoor Play

It’s officially summer, which means more fresh air for everyone, and definitely more outdoor playtime — HIP HIP!! However, we know just being outside isn’t always enough for kiddos and you need activity options to keep the “I’m soooo booooreddd” whines at bay. Here’s a roundup of our favorite outdoor activity sets that are sure to keep your little one engaged AND give you a breather as you watch over them… maybe with your feet up and a glass of rose in hand?!?

Sand and Water Table

We love this for a few reasons: 1) it’s both a water and sand table (SCORE!) 2) it’s easy to fill and super lightweight, 3) it comes with a tight fit cover to keep it dry when the kiddos aren’t using it and 4) it’s aesthetically not like most play tables, it actually looks great!

HugglePod HangOut

Have you ever wanted a special little play space for your children? What about one that is both indoor and outdoor, and travels easily?! Meet the HugglePod HangOut by @hearthsong. This brilliant, safe design is roomy enough for kids to climb inside and hang out! The tent has three porthole-style windows, a velcro flap door, and a cozy removable cushion that’s stuffed with recycled polyfill. Your littles will have so much to do in this space- play, read, listen to music, whatever their imaginations dream up! It also comes with a string of LED lights and an easy-to-reach on/off switch. This is a product that we without question have added to our cart, and purchased! It’s an absolute no brainer.

My First Garden Planter

It’s that time to start your gardening, and who couldn’t use a little helper?!

Meet “My First Garden Planter”. It not only comes with the planter, the table also includes all of the accessories! This planter is deep enough to hold tomato plants, lettuce, peppers, and more, creating a learning experience from seedlings to harvest. Great for patios, decks, or any outdoor space where you want to start a garden!

Inflatable Water Slide

You didn’t think we’d forget the water slide, did you?! When it comes to summer, one thing comes to mind: water, and lots of it! We are fans of this particular one because of its easy use, storage and sturdy vinyl.

You’ll only need to attach a garden hose to this heavy-duty slide, and the kids will whiz along the padded, misted, 12’L pathway and get the additional treat of coming to a splashing halt in a water-filled pool. (You May to buy their dual-action Electric Pump to inflate and deflate). With this slide, @hearthsong created a perfect combination of kids, water, and energy into one. P.S. this product is on sale right now!

Activity Sandbox

This is pretty much a sandbox on steroids. This one is from KidKraft, one of our favorite manufacturers known for their quality craftsmanship and dedication to creating fun pieces that allow children to use their imagination while they explore through play. This sandbox comes with an attached chalkboard that will invite kiddos to create different backdrops and scenery as they play. There are hooks around the perimeter to hang toys to keep the sand box nice and tidy, and with attached seats and an option to add a canopy, what more could you need!?!

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