Top Apps for Savvy Mamas

Mamas! Check out this round up of some of our favorite apps that make #momlife just a little easier. From saving your memories to saving you money, we’ve got you covered with this list! Cheers!


The Text Message Baby Journal

Qeepsake texts you a question about your child. You text back your response, and an entry is added to your child’s private journal. From your account on the Qeepsake website, you can edit or expand upon your journal entries, add photos, and more. You can also send a text to Qeepsake any time something funny or memorable happens, and that memory is forever archived with the date, your thoughts, and even a photo, if you like.


We all know how hard it is to part with your kiddos artwork… but when they’re bringing home things EVERY.DAY, the clutter struggle is real. The best way to capture, organize, and celebrate your children’s creativity is with Artkive. Artkive saves your kids artwork so you don’t have to part with it forever, but you also don’t have to keep it forever. You can mail the piece in a pre-paid envelope, or upload a photo via the app, and the artwork is stored and dated and can be made into products as well, including hardcover books!

Wonder Weeks

Based off of the bestselling book, The Wonder Weeks, this app will keep you informed about the (mental) leaps and bounds of your baby — any time of day or night. By knowing what is going on inside the mind of your baby, you can help to stimulate development and make the leap a little less daunting. If your baby is having a particularly hard time, it could be because of a leap. The personalized chart prepares you for the upcoming leap that marks a specific difference in your baby’s mental development, while also explaining what your baby can understand and learn during and after this mental leap. It’s fascinating to have this kind of information about your baby’s brain right at your fingertips!


Having a hard time meeting other mama friends? Check out Peanut, which some have described as kind of like a Tinder for Moms. Peanut’s mantra: Meet as Mamas, Connect as Women. Peanut shows you likeminded mamas near you and makes it easy to meet. This is certainly something we can get behind!

Leap Second

A video montage of your baby’s life created with one-second videos. You can set it up so you receive a daily reminder to snap a recording, which takes the thought of out it. Leap Second makes it super easy to trim your videos and stitch them together to form a mini montage. Watch this back after a year and see how much your babies have changed – you will love reliving the moments back over again!\

Ink Cards and Postagram

This is one of our FAVES! This is the easiest way to mail one-of-a-kind greeting cards! Send a greeting card or postcard using your own pictures from your phone or social medias. There are card designs to match any holiday or occasion. Have a super cute pic of your bambino and want to send it to Grandma to make her day, but know you will literally never print and actually send? This app has your back… for $2 (this includes postage!) you can send it via Postagram! WE LOVE.


We all consider Instagram and Facebook the highlight reels of our lives, right? So why not turn those reels into books we can flip through every once in a while? Sign up with ChatBooks and automatically receive a new book for every 60 pictures you upload. Each book only costs $10, and you don’t even have to remember to order it… it just shows up on your doorstep!


So, this one isn’t an app, but it makes the list because every mom needs to know about it. Stop what you’re doing and download this on every browser you could possibly ever use for online shopping. Honey is an extension you can install on your web browser to automatically search for coupon codes to apply every checkout. It picks the best ones so you save the most money and it’s FREE to use. Plus, join Honey Gold and you can even start to earn rewards and money back. Makes those late night shopping sessions that much more enticing!


This app is for mamas with school-age kiddos. Chauffering to practices, games, rehearsals, etc., can begin to feel like a full-time job. No mind if you have more than one in this phase! Ridesharing is only helpful if all of the parents are on the same page all the time, which is sometimes takes numerous back and forth texts, calls, messages. With the Carpool-Kids app, parents can manage the details of the carpool, knowing when it’s their turn to drive, who they are responsible for, and who is responsible for their child, at all times. This is such a great way to share the weight and have peace of mind about who is going where, when, and how they are getting there!

These apps have certainly made our lives a little easier… we hope they help make yours a little easier, too!

XO, Your Milk Shoppe

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