The Nanny Diaries: Dear New Nanny

Dear New Nanny,

There are a few things you must know. First, neither of the kids like crust on their sandwiches, but don’t cut it off. They can do it themselves! E doesn’t like milk in her cereal, but C will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him. You should get to E’s school about an hour early for the carpool line so she doesn’t have to wait with all the people who’s mommies and nannies don’t love them as much as we love her (just kidding, kind of). The G’s all eat super healthy, so when you go to the grocery store be prepared to google things like “what the heck is a fennel bulb?” Don’t ask me how I know this. Laundry day is easiest when you get here early and sort everything in advance. It also saves time to put everything right side out before it’s washed so it takes less time to fold. Be prepared to get friendly with the Shout bottle- these kids know how to have fun (read: make big messes)!

Neither of the kids like homework, but C’s is much harder. He is brilliant at math but gets frustrated when it doesn’t come easily. Be patient with him. He will appreciate it more than you know. We try to designate 30 minutes each of time for each kiddo to determine what we play. C could play football or four square for 7 straight hours, so you have to let E have a say too. Make friends with the mamas at gymnastics. They are the sweetest and it makes sitting there for an hour every Tuesday more fun when you’re with friends. Their tennis coach is the funniest man you’ll ever meet- he will love you instantly. Thursday is play date day- we love our friend across the street to come over and play! Friday mornings are early, but the carpool kids are hilarious and make 7 am a little easier. They like the radio LOUD, which works for me because it drowns out their screeching singing. 😉

Aside from logistics, what you really need to know is that you are the luckiest girl in the world. You’re about to start working with the two sweetest, funniest, sassiest kids you’ll ever meet. They have *such* good hearts, and will always try their best to make you happy. 95% of the time, they’ll succeed. The other 5%, give them grace. We can’t all get it right all the time. They both looove to talk, so try to really listen to what they’re saying. They are both wise beyond their years, and their stories about their day hold more weight than it might seem at the surface. They love to be heard, and are hurt when they’re not. Not that different from grown ups, huh?

It is so hard for me to leave them, but I know you’ll be so great for them. They adore you already, and so do I. I hope you’re ready to have a second family love you with their whole hearts, cause that’s what you’ll find here. A whole bunch of love and a LOT of snuggles. E especially would be happy to be touching you at all times. Enjoy it, I will miss their hugs so much. They are so special to me and I hope you fall in love with them as much and as quickly as I did. They so deserve your love. It’s time for me to move on, but they’ll always be in my hearts. Save my number so they can call me if they need me, but I doubt they will if you’re half as great as I think you are. Thank you for taking on this role and for allowing me to leave with a deep peace that my babies will be in excellent hands.

Truly yours,

Miss Abby

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