Small Biz Spotlight: Your Sisters Closet Keeper

In a few words, who is Your Sisters Closet Keeper?

We specialize in editing and organizing your personal space to create a more functional, useful and joyful home.

Tell us one thing about yourselves that we may not know.

Nikki: I live on a farm with 20 chickens and 2 dogs

Megan: I worked for Diane von Furstenberg in NYC and absolutely love the city life.

In other words we couldn’t be more opposite.😂

We love that you two are sisters by marriage. Why did you two decide to work together?

Our strengths work well together. Nikki is the organizer and Megan is the editor, but we’ve both learned from each other how to do the other’s job.

We’re also best friends. We joke that we feel like we were in the womb together instead of our husbands. Nikki gives me a shot of adrenaline every time I’m with her and I level her out. In short we just genuinely love being together.

There is something powerful in women coming together, and starting a business. What has been the most rewarding aspect of this partnership?

There’s an aspect of this that feeds our soul. On the surface it may seem like a simple thing we do, but it truly can be life changing. The time we get together and with other women allows us to go through the baggage of our lives together – literally and metaphorically. It’s a bit like therapy. It’s healing.

Why is YSCK so important for Greenville’s mom community?

Let’s be honest, we’re all working incredibly hard to keep all aspects of our lives afloat. When you can minimize the amount of stuff in your life and organize it in a way that works in your favor you can do more and be more for everyone else.

It’s definitely an investment to have us come in but it pays off in more ways than you can imagine.

Check out this Before…

…and After!!!!!

What is the most fulfilling part of what you do?

The reactions and the relationships, hands down. It’s not easy to open up your mess to other people, we totally get that. But the one reaction we’ve received with all of our clients was how much fun we have when we do it. And each one has asked us back to do more than what they initially hired us for. Each time we leave a job we honestly feel like we’ve added another sister to our family.

What women in your lives inspire you the most, and why?

Megan: Genuinely all of the women around me have inspired me lately. I see how much passion, emotion, grace, strength, capability, drive, patience and love we all carry around. Amidst life’s troubles I see women wake up every day and move forward like a boss. Women are incredible creatures in my opinion. My mom, my grandmother, our mother in law, my sisters and my daughter all inspire me the most though.

Nikki: I would have to say moms inspire me. Especially because I am not one yet. Watching my friends become moms has really changed my perspective on my own mother. I guess you never realize growing up all that they juggle and being able to watch my friends go from wives to moms has helped me appreciate all that a mother sacrifices for herself, her husband and her children.

Describe your perfect day.

Megan: An early fall day, windows open, candles lit, music on high and cooking in my kitchen. Time to myself for the afternoon and ending with a house full of people eating and drinking good food and good wine into the night.

Nikki: A day on vacation with nothing on the agenda other than spending time with my family and enjoying time to rest and unwind.

What is the one thing you need in your day in order to get through it? (coffee, music, a certain food, excercise…)

Megan: my vitamins, good music, a Starbucks frappacino and a little grace for myself and others. That wasn’t one thing, but I need them all.😂

Nikki: My vitamins and my cell phone.

What benefits will you provide to Greenville moms when they hire you?

I think the biggest benefit from what we do is a sense of control in the chaos of everyday life. It’s a huge weight lifted off when your options are minimized down to just the items that you use. On top of that it brings a sense of calmness to walk in and see things in order (and be able to keep things up easily). You will most definitely experience the joy of having a fresh outlook on your home and personal space

For more information on YSCK, follow Megan & Nikki on Instagram!

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