Simply Sweet Dream Party Planner is Simply Our Fav!

Have you ever attempted to throw a picture-perfect party and ended up stressed, overwhelmed, and unable to enjoy your event? Umm, we have! That’s why we love Lisa at Simply Sweet Dream Parties! She has a passion for planning children’s birthday parties, but can help with any event needs you may have…from baby and bridal showers to adult (kid-free!) birthday parties and everything in between. Lisa and other professional party planners are total lifesavers. Here’s why.


• Planning, setup, hosting, and cleanup can be time consuming & exhausting for a busy working mama! The time you would spend planning a party could be put to better use. You can focus your energy on other things- work, family, etc. Do the math on the time you’d save not running back and forth to Party City to get 8 different kinds of crepe tassels when you really only needed two… (don’t ask how we know this, ha! Hint: it may have been before we wised up and hired a party planner) and you’ll see how worthwhile it is!

• Speaking of hosting… if the host is in charge of each detail, they likely won’t be able to truly enjoy their event because they’ll be busy running through a mental checklist (and a physical obstacle course) of the million things needed to make the party a success. Your party planner will have an actual checklist onhand to make sure no detail is overlooked. Like reminding you to pick up balloons when you pick up the cake, and ensuring that the drinks are on ice before the guests arrive. Just, for example. Again, don’t ask how we know!  😉

• A professional party planner has tangible passion; this is not a job for them! Chances are they are probably better at Pinterest projects than your average party host (like me!!), so let them take the reins. A planner like Lisa Sharpe at Simply Sweet Dream Parties can take your ideas out of your head and execute them perfectly.


• Party hosts should never be aware that they need ice, candles, etc.! Let your planner take care of the logistics so you can be fully present with your guests. As hosts, hiring a planner should enable us to save time, money, and energy. When you hire Lisa, you tell her exactly what you have in mind and know that she will implement it seamlessly.

• Party planners like Lisa can devote over 25 hours to designing and creating unique decor in addition to setting up and breaking down the party! “I hired Lisa for my daughter’s birthday party and I’m so glad I did! She was extremely thoughtful and detail-oriented. I always felt like she had everything under control.” -Amber Michels

• Yup, you heard us right- Lisa can create custom- made items for your party, like the donuts & donut stand for Amber’s daughter’s birthday!


Chuck E. Cheez? Build a Bear? Pool party? Check, check, check. When you’ve exhausted all the “normal” kid party places, it might be time to try something different. Lisa can help brainstorm to come up with the perfect theme and location for your party. A professional planner has the experience necessary to both look at the big picture and focus on the tiny details… so you can focus on your glass of wine and your guests! If you’re in the Greenville area, check out Simply Sweet Dream Parties! If not, let us know where you are and we’ll do our best to connect you to someone perfect where you are.



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