Putting Your Best Face Forward with Catherine Martin

One of our favorite aspects of being owners of a small business that supports women, is meeting and connecting with other women in the same boat…owners of small businesses that support and serve women! We love being able to share their stories with you so you can connect to them, too. Our goal with these introductions is to make your tribe as large and as strong as it can be.

Self-care is something we KNOW to be so important, but so few of us mamas actually make time for it. You read article after article on how and why to do to it, and we make a million promises to ourselves that we WILL make the changes. I don’t know about you, but I’m always booking that out to the to-do list for “tomorrow…”

Sometimes all you need is someone in your corner to help lead you on your journey, to kick you in the mom-jeans to get you started. We hope that Annie was that person for you last week, to help jump start some healthier eating habits in your home. Don’t you worry, she’ll be back!

But we have another mama to introduce to you this week. We would like to welcome Catherine Martin as a preferred esthetician and nutritionist to the Your Milk Shoppe team!

Catherine is a Holistic Esthetician with a passion for health, and the proud owner of European Esthetiques in Greenville, SC. Catherine is originally from France, and moved to the States in 1987 for her husband’s job. She graduated from Ecole Mary Louise Roy in Paris for Esthetiques in the 1980’s, and has continued her education to become a nutrition and fitness expert, as well as a health and wellness coach. Meet Catherine!

My passion for natural health led me on this journey, and I will never stop learning, reading and sharing! I love helping everyone, but helping a Mom-to-be and a New Mom is extremely important to me, because pregnancy is the one time in your life when your eating habits directly affect another person. Good choices during pregnancy will give the baby a strong start in life. I do like to emphasize the need to eliminate as many toxic chemicals as possible, from food, to cosmetics, to household products. This practice should of course should continue after the baby is born. (There have been studies showing as many as 232 chemicals in some newborn babies, which is a scary statistic!)

Being a New Mom can be overwhelming, and the Mom might have a tendency to forget about herself. Self-care after the baby is important for the Mom and the whole family, so helping the New Mom doing little “things” every day to get herself back to “normal” is very Important for a healthy, happy, Mom and baby. And, lets not forget about Dad 🙂

Being a Holistic Esthetician, I believe skin care for Mom-to-be should be safe. Taking care of the skin and avoiding ingredients potentially harmful to a growing baby is what I practice and preach at European Esthetiques. Regular facials and appropriated skin products could make a difference to alleviate the post-pregnancy hormone problems like acne, melasma, and flaky, dry skin. Getting the help of an esthetician will help prevent or reduce these problems without the use of harmful ingredients; especially important if breastfeeding. And of course, well needed relaxation for Mom would be a plus, too!

For more information or to reach Catherine, please visit her website:

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