Pregnancy Wear Must-Haves

Today, we’re recapping our comfort and support must-haves for pregnancy wear, direct from fellow preggo mama YMS Founder Amber Michels!!

Pregnancy in summertime can be a bit on the uncomfortable side, so chances are you’re in hot pursuit of the most light-weight, flattering clothes you can find. You really only need a few key items, ones that you can wear during pregnancy and after.

Pregnancy leggings.

Blanqi! We live and die by this brand for pregnancy wear. You’ll only need 1-2 leggings and tops and you’re set. This company has truly cracked the code; the pieces are seamless (can we get an amen?!), so supportive, and so breathable. You can wear the top and pants every day- whether you’re at home wrestling kiddos, working out or going on a grocery run, this brand IS IT!

Supportive Bras.

One of the earlier changes you may notice within your body is in your breasts. They begin to grow, and will feel sore at certain stages (especially in the very beginning and the very end). With that said, you absolutely need to invest in some nursing bras that are comfortable and practical enough to wear while you’re pregnant, during the day and also at night when you’re sleeping.

We cannot say enough good things about Thirdlove 24/7 Classic Wireless Nursing Bra. This line of bras is revolutionary as far as we’re concerned. The support is like no other and the quality is noticeable. These bras are seamless, soft and super flattering under your clothes. Plus, they donate bras to underserved woman across the world, and who can’t get behind that kind of double support??

Next up is Motherhood Maternity Unlined Nursing Sleep Bra. Can I just tell you, it’s pure magic?! It feels like a soft sports bra, and offers the support that you’ll need when in bed. This bra will also be great in the beginning stages of breastfeeding because it’s so soft and forgiving.

Body shapers!

You may find yourself really wanting support in other areas, too…. your tummy, your butt and your thighs, especially! If you’re used to clothes fitting a certain way, and have lost that magic look and feel while pregnant- here’s your answer!

Maternity Pajamas.

Now that we’ve covered the essentials for daytime support, let’s talk about that nighttime support. Mamas, you will need some super soft and forgiving pajamas from early on. Why? Because your day to day mission will be about one thing: comfort! There will be nothing like throwing your jammies on at night, and putting your feet up.

I recommend many sets of maternity pajamas, but always go back to Belabumbum because of the fabric, the options and the prints. You can buy a few sets at the beginning and wear them all the way through nursing. This is a no brainer if you ask me. I still have my first set from four years ago, and they continue to be my go-to, my happy place at night!

Sending you lots of love and support and wishing you plenty of comfort throughout the rest of your pregnancy!


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