Moms-of-the-Month: Karla Costner & Lyndsi Dreckman

For October, we are so happy to bring you not one, but TWO Moms-of-the-Month! Meet the founders of Well Nested, Karla Costner and Lyndsi Dreckman. Lyndsi and Karla are busy moms, wives, and business owners who live on caffeine, have a secret hiding place for chocolate, and on a good day can be found curled up on the couch with a good book.

Well Nested offers a wide variety of childbirth services and seminars, ranging from nutrition consultation and lactation support, to doula services and Hypnobabies training, and absolutely everything in between. (If you’re thinking, “what is Hypnobabies training?” read on, and check out their website!) 

Well Nested supports expectant families in Greenville, SC, and surrounding areas. For more information, please visit their website:

Without further ado, meet Karla & Lyndsi!

A little bit about Well-Nested…

What inspired you team up and start a business together? Is the experience so far a lot different than what you had envisioned?

We recognized a need within our community, one place where women can come to receive education, support, and encouragement before, during, and after their pregnancy. Starting a small business is never easy, but our vision to help women is being accomplished. Watching the change that moms go through from scared and unsure to knowledgeable and confident is very rewarding for us.

In a couple of words, who is Well Nested?

Wholehearted Women’s Care.

Carolina Hypnobabies is genius and so empowering for moms-to-be. Can you share with us what led you to that career choice, and why?

After experiencing our own easy, gentle births, it was a logical decision. More women need to learn how hypnosis, education, and confidence take the fear and discomfort out of birth.

Why are doula’s so important for moms to have in their corner?

We are the quiet, gentle, encourager that smiles and reminds you of your desires and abilities.  We stand with you as you navigate through pregnancy, birth, and parenting, believing in you and cheering you on.  Who doesn’t need a doula?

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Well Nested plans to be in the same space, serving our community in the same way…we are here to stay and change women’s experiences one client at a time.


A little bit more about Lyndsi and Karla…

How do you achieve a work life balance with owning a small, growing business and being a mom and wife? What is your secret?

Karla: As a mom of 6 kiddos (ages 16-2), work/life balance is not trial and error…it’s do or die.  The wonderful thing about Well Nested is that it’s all about families. This allows my family to work together to help others.  Many times my kids are with me for meetings, business events, or helping out while we are working at the office. Love for my family is the inspiration and the fuel for my work, but my husband is the secret sauce.  He has literally raised the walls for our classroom and supplied me with an endless stream of encouragement, all while working full-time and finishing his BSN.  The Costner Family is a team. We tackle life together.

Lyndsi: My husband and I both come from hardworking farming families. We grew up working with our siblings and parents as a team unit, and we raise our children the same way. We most often refer to our family as “Team Dreckman”. My husband also owns his own small business, so carving out family time is a priority to us. It is so hard to let go of work outside of the office, we sometimes have to set reminders on our calendars to “LET GO OF WORK”.  I have an amazing husband and REALLY great kids that support me and each other well. When we (Karla and I) came up with the idea of Well Nested, we both agreed that our families came first. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful business partner to lean on.

What woman in your life inspires you most?

Karla: For sure, my mom gifted her entrepreneurial spirit to me.  She owned and operated her own salon while I was growing up and decided to become a realtor when I was in college.

Lyndsi: My mother is truly an inspiration to me. She is the strongest woman I know. She and my father did not live near family when I was young, so they didn’t get a lot of personal time, together or alone. She never let us know how hard it was. We were always her first priority. Even with a full time job, she made mothering and life look easy. When I first became a mom, I wasn’t scared. I knew I could do it because she did it so well.

What is your mama-mantra?

Karla: Life is only possible with ice cream and cookie dough and children respond well to both. 😉

Lyndsi: Embrace the chaos…and drink more coffee.

Describe your perfect day.

Karla: A perfect day involves waking up to a clean kitchen after 6 consecutive hours of deep sleep, followed by breakfast on the porch with my hubby (minus mosquitoes), making it through a math lesson without dying a thousand deaths (we homeschool a few), and a shower before 2pm.

Lyndsi: My perfect day would start with a cup of coffee on the back porch of a secluded cabin in the mountains with my husband while we watch our children play in the yard. We would all spend the day playing games out side and gardening, maybe do some DIY projects. Cuddle up in a warm blanket for a movie before bed with my hubby while the kids sleep.

How many cups of coffee have you had, and how much chocolate have you secretly dipped into today? 🙂

Karla: 3 cups and chocolate isn’t hidden…it’s openly enjoyed in large quantities. (Correction…I’m brewing cup #4, but it’s decaf so that doesn’t count :))

Lyndsi: 3 cups of coffee and 1 cup of “Positive Energy” tea…but its only 12:30p 😉

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