Mompreneur Monday: Lisa Zimmermann, Owner of Maternal Child Connections

In a few words, who is Maternal Child Connections?

Maternal Child Connections is a small collection of women lead by Lisa Zimmermann providing holistic family-centered care to new parents in Chicago. The Company is owned by Lisa Zimmermann she is the primary provider of services with contractors providing services and business support.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I worked in a position I loved in public health working as a pediatric nurse in a substance abuse treatment center. Part of my tasks were writing grants to support my position, preforming the work, recording the data, and reporting the data. It was during this time I realized I had the skills to run a business and that what I how I was helping these new moms professionally could be done for any new parent. I called my business Maternal Child Connections because I am a maternal child nurse with a focus on maternal mental health and maternal/infant bonding– the connections.

Can you explain the benefits of setting up a lactation consultant and/or postpartum doula BEFORE birth?

If you contract for services while pregnant, that can take some of the anxiety away that typically comes the last weeks of pregnancy. Placenta encapsulation can provide you with the boost of energy you may need to take care of your baby. The lactation consulting can provide individualized education prenatally and then one-on-one assistance in your home postpartum. This not only helps you to breastfeed, but closely watches your baby to make sure that he is safe and eating enough. The postpartum doula services are a way to continue the self-care that comes naturally when pregnant, but seems to fall to the wayside after the baby arrives. A postpartum doula can help you to get out of the house, organize your home, prepare meals, hold your baby so you can sleep, and provide companionship so you are not alone working through your transition into motherhood.

If you had one piece advice for new moms taking home their first little one, what would it be?

Stay off of the internet! If I look up any symptom I am having, I will be told I have cancer. It is the same way when you look into information on parenting, you will be overwhelmed and most likely it won’t leave you feeling more confident. Instead, ask family or friends, read a book, or hire a professional to help you!

To learn more about Lisa and Maternal Child Connections, please visit her website:

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