Mom of the Month: Olympia Eddy

We are SO excited to introduce you to our first Mom of the Month- a mama we absolutely adore: Olympia Eddy.

Olympia lives in Greenville, South Carolina, with her husband of seven years, Paul, and their two daughters, Scarlett and Pia. She has the demanding and rewarding job of being a Development Manager for March of Dimes, an organization she is extremely passionate about. In her free time, she… ”wait, FREE TIME?? What free time? That’s adorable.” -Olympia

From parenting tips and tricks to what inspires her to be the best woman she can be, Olympia has candidly opened up to us about her parenting journey, and we’re ecstatic to share it with you. We have no doubt that you will love getting to know this total rock star mom just as much as we have. We’re so happy she’s a part of our village, and now also a part of yours.


Your Milk Shoppe

How do you juggle being a mom, wife, and career woman?

Just pray you don’t drop an egg. 🙂 It is hard. If you are a working mom or stay at home mom, both have challenges. And both are not best for most everyone. I know I would not be the best stay at home mom, and Scarlett thrives at school. So I am proud to know my strengths (and weaknesses) and know that for this stage in her life, she needs to be at school. And I am ok with that. Sure I miss her like crazy and have mommy guilt a good bit, but for me as a person, I also need to work. I need to have adult conversations, and feel like I am contributing back at home. I love the teamwork and of course I love my job, so that helps.

Scar and Pia

There are times when I think, could I stay home? But I know that is not the best fit for my family. Will that change, possibly, but for now we are doing what is best for us. Having two is more challenging. Just when you think, hey, we got this, let’s throw another person into the mix… then the -ish hits the fan. Inevitably there is always something, but that’s the fun part of life. Without these two munchkins, I think Paul and I would have run out of words for each other. LOL


What do you love most about working with March of Dimes?

There are many things I love about this organization, from its extraordinary history (you know we are the ONLY non-profit to attain our original goal 🙂 ), to learning how and why things work from a medical standpoint, to meeting courageous families, to the mission itself, I love being proud of what I do for a living, helping babies! My co-workers aren’t bad either. 🙂

Summarize your mama-mantra in 3-5 words.

Just keep swimming – lol. I am not sure on this one. I have not thought about it. I use a ton of phrases during the day, mostly to entertain and/or annoy my roommates (aka co-workers. I also partake in singing, humming and whistling. Don’t be jelly that you are missing out. Come join us.) I guess my mantra is “no white wig here!” (borrowed from an old co-worker at the Cliffs). As in don’t be a judgy judgerson. There are probably others as well. Unfortunately, I cuss like a sailor, and that just shouldn’t be printed. 🙂

What woman in your life inspires you?

Easiest question on the list, my mom. I have always thought if I am half the mother my mom is, then my kids will be really lucky. My mom is amazing in so many ways. She still saves me on a somewhat regular basis. She has taught me to be strong, independent, and honest. She is super smart, and I always comment on the stuff she knows, her answer, “well I have been around a lot longer than you.” She is kind of nerdy, but the cute kind. I mean who else writes NaCl on their salt shaker? No one. 🙂 She is so incredibly selfless when it comes to her kids. She always puts us first, even when we don’t deserve it.

Me and Mom

But she is also kind of a badass (can I say that here? 🙂 ) She can fly a plane (has her private pilot’s license), has joked of getting her CDL, (I think just to say she has it), is a pretty good shot, is better with tools than many guys (and cooks better than most women), and has picketed the Federal Government. She is just all around pretty awesome!

What one word would you use to describe each of your daughter’s personality?

-Scarlett – strong-willed – just like Scarlett O’Hara and my mom (she is named Scarlett Carolyn after these two women). I know I will really appreciate this when she is older, but challenging for a 3.5 year old. LOL (notice I did not say stubborn, but used a positive instead. HA)


-Pia (Olympia Margaret) – blissful – of course she is only 8.5 months so it is hard to tell, but so far she is a very happy baby. I think she has a very happy soul. But she also likes to party in her crib at all hours. So it is a toss up between partier and blissful.

Olympia IV and Olympia V (Pia)

Are you the kind of mom you thought you would be?

Hmmmm… I am more strict, I think. I was a bit of a wild child in my college years, so if you asked me then I think I would have said I would be the fun parent, but I am definitely Bad Cop. 🙁 but one of us has to be, right. 🙂

Before becoming a mom, what area of parenting did you feel most confident about?

Oooo…this one is tough. I knew Paul would be a great dad, so I think that alleviated some of the pressure. And I am really my toughest critic and know I compare myself to my mom, but I think I knew we would create a great foundation for our children. Having a constant of family and support. Sure my house is never clean, but the girls are happy and WAY LOVED, and that is what is important.

Pia and Scar

As a little girl, what were your biggest aspirations?

I love anything creative, and still do. I grew up as a swimmer and wanted to make it as far as I could competitively. But I have always loved being creative and using my artsy talents. I hope to have a children’s book manuscript published by a major publisher before I die. 🙂 Kind of lofty, but I have been working on my writing for years, and that is what I want to accomplish.

What was your greatest fear about becoming a mom?

I don’t think I really had fear. I knew I had big shoes to fill to live up to my mom, but I wasn’t scared. I did however majorly dread potty training, but it wasn’t a total nightmare. Now that I have one and we are raising number two, I don’t want to miss a thing with Pia, and I don’t want her to grow too fast. Time is fleeting.

Scar and Pia. Credit Angela Murray Photography

What is the best part of your day?

Seeing my babies after work, and Paul too. 🙂

Describe your perfect day.

A rainy morning with coffee or hot chocolate bundled up on the couch with the kiddos. Or for hotter weather, sitting by the pool watching the kids float while I read a book. Pretty basic.

What’s your best mom-cheat?

Little Bites hostess muffins for breakfast. Mornings are a whirl-wind in our house. So to get Scar to eat anything, I will do just that. I will cheat and give her these (most likely full of sugar and horrible for you, yes I have not looked at the ingredients on the back, because let’s be honest, I don’t really want to know. Ignorance is bliss. :)). Between breastfeeding Pia, getting the girls ready, getting me showered and dressed, and getting out the door with a purse, breast pump, backpack and diaper bag, and still make it to work between 8 and 8:15, I cheat. And it feels so good.

Super Girl and Wonder Woman

What was your recharge before kids, and what is it now?

Recharge is definitely tv. Before kids I read more books. I read now, but they are more the ABC kind and chick-lit kind. But in both times, I would say tv and movies are a good recharge. A great way for me to relax. I also could play on Pinterest for hours. A total time suck, but super fun.

What has been the most surprising aspect about motherhood?

How you can love two more beings without end, and more than you love yourself. You need to love yourself first before you can love others. And then I found Paul, and I absolutely adore him. But then you make these little people and they may not be perfect, but they are perfectly yours and you love them without end. I know I am more than just a mom to two awesome kids, but that is the best title that I have.


If there is one piece of advice you can share with new mamas, what would it be?

It’s all trial “by” error. Don’t get caught up in the perfect bedtime, the perfect meal, the perfect anything. Each day is different. It is good to have goals or ideas and if you have to abandon those, that is ok. Don’t compare yourself to other moms because your life and kids are different. I do aim to keep my girls on a schedule, but life does happen. I know Scarlett does better on a schedule, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. And if it doesn’t, I have to be ok with that.

Obviously do what works best for you and what you feel good about and that makes you still happy when you go to bed at night. I ask several friends for advice and sometimes I take it and sometimes I think, “durn you crazy lady.” Just kidding. But seriously, ask for help when you need it. Ask for ideas when you want them. But know you are the parent and it’s your choice. And be proud of how you raise your kids.

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