Modern Forestry | Calming Candles in Every M.I.L.K. Box!

Nothing brings zen to a space quite like the perfect candle. We know that’s just what every mama is looking for on a daily basis: a little extra calm in the chaos. Candles from Modern Forestry do just that, so that’s why we’re putting one in each M.I.L.K. Box…to help signal a sense of serenity at home.

Modern Forestry is owned and operated by husband-and-wife duo, John and Sarah Collins. They have candle creations ranging from vibrant seasonal scents, (like Sweater Weather and Spiced Chai…can you say “Yay Fall!”??) to varieties you’ll want to burn all throughout the year. Free of additives and paraffin, their soy candles are pure and natural. Made with phthalate-free and essential oils, these candles not only burn longer and stronger, but are also healthier and safer for your home, too. Modern Forestry candles are made with cotton, lead-free wicks and hand-poured in clear, glass mason jars. These jars can be recycled directly through Modern Forestry, or repurposed for canning, DIY, storage…you name it. Three different jar sizes offer varying average burn times, from 20-40 hours.

Now that you know a little about their products, please meet the owners and master candlemakers, John and Sarah!


Sarah and John were married in August 2014, and in those first few months of marriage, never expected that in just one year they’d be candle artisans at their very own studio. They’re a team, loving this hobby-turned-small-business that enables them to work together and work from home as they look ahead to start their family. Sarah is due with their first child in just a couple short months!

Sarah’s moved close to two dozen times and maintains strong connections to both Oregon and South Carolina. If wax is melting or being poured, you’ll most likely find Sarah nearby. She is directly involved in the pouring process, happier working with her hands than looking at a computer screen.

John was born outside of Boston but raised in South Carolina foothills. He’s the visionary behind the vision before you. He plans ahead, makes spreadsheets, calculates risk/gain, and overall keeps their hobby-turned-business a reality. Although he does not primarily oversee the production process, he is often present in the Forestry Studio. He’ll pull up a chair and continue web designing while Sarah pours. They work together, most often to the sound of Star Trek or The Avett Brothers.

To keep up with John and Sarah, follow them on Instagram @modernforestry, or visit their website for more info,

We are so excited to share these amazing homemade candles (and a deep breath!) with you, mamas!


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