It was time…

It is often times very surreal for me to think about that specific point in my life. The point when my entire focus shifted. I remember the day that I was told “It was time” – what did that mean exactly? It meant that it was time for me to meet my sweet girl, Livy Lou. It was time for me to give that last push, to squeeze my husband’s hand extra tight, and to finally be able to see what this person inside of me for months was going to look like. It also meant that it was time for our family to now become a family of four- me, Ross, our dog Harry, and Livy.

What I did not know it was time for- was a whole lot of little to NO sleep, sore breasts from attempting to nurse, a very weak body from delivering this little being, and a whole lot of feelings that I did not know how to process. The anxiety over whether or not she was going to sleep, cry, pee, poop, LIVE, eat. I constantly worried about whether or not she was too hot or too cold, if she wanted to be held or laid down, if she was sleeping enough, and the list could honestly go on and on- it seemed like so much all at once.

I savored every bit of help that I received from my husband and our families. I don’t know what I would have done without them during that first week! I remember the day when my mom was getting ready to leave. I did not want her to go- I felt like a little girl again, wanting to beg her to stay and to take care of me and my daughter. But, in my heart, I knew that it was time for me to be the mom, to get my act together and attempt to be the best version of myself- to be a care taker to my daughter every day because she deserved that. So, every day that is what I sought out to do. Some days, I failed miserably- I would sit on our sofa in my stinky clothes from the day before, hair unwashed in a messy bun, breast milk, spit up, food, (you name it) all over, and I would just look in the mirror and cry. Other days, I felt like a real life rock star- I would actually get to shower, shave, brush my teeth, my daughter would smile at me (or had gas, but I was convinced she was smiling), we would leave the house and walk around our neighborhood, and if I felt really ambitious, I would make my husband and myself an actual dinner. Through the ups and downs, I realized that I needed to embrace my family’s new normal, and most importantly, I learned to not be so hard on myself as a new mom.

Throughout this journey, this amazing, hard, life changing journey- I felt in my heart that it was time to create something. It was time to spin something out of my heart strings and turn it into pure magic. I experienced so many realizations about myself, about my daughter, and about this whole new life that we were quickly creating together. I was in the thick of this whole new “mom scene” and I saw things that I loved and admired, and other things I loathed and despised. I witnessed time and time again- moms judging other moms. It was always stay at home moms vs. working moms and who worked harder, who deserved the gold medal at the end of each day. I knew that it was time for me to attempt to make a dent in this culture that we as a society have created. It was time to support ALL mamas, ALL babies by simply offering my love and care through certain services. So, I began educating myself and chose to become certified in all that I wanted to offer my mama clients. Upon completion, I knew it was time to put together my business model and get to work.

IT IS TIME for Your Milk Shoppe… this I know to be true. I can not wait to meet all of the amazing moms and babies, and to hopefully bridge gaps, banish stereotypes, normalize the struggle, and most importantly- empower a whole lot of mamas throughout the process!

Happy parenting-


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