Introducing Lindsay Neely, Maternity Consultant in Greenville, SC!

Hi! I’m Lindsay Neely and I’ve been a Stay-at-Home Mom for almost four years even though I am the exact opposite of the words “Stay at Home.” We are only home at naptime (can I get an amen, parents?). I absolutely love being around people and being out and about. I have boy/girl twins who will be four years old this summer. I took them on my first outing all by myself at nine weeks old and quickly learned that even as a mom, I still wanted to be out where the action was. It was a challenge with two babes, and often we got out just to walk around the local mall [it has all things a new mom wants: automatic doors, Starbucks, large bathrooms, and stroller-friendly areas]. But what I learned in those first few months was that as a mom I was still going to be very similar to the person I was before I became a mom. That’s the same reason I want to become a Maternity Consultant.

I was attracted to becoming a Maternity Consultant because I absolutely love people. I love being around them, talking to them, learning about them, and watching them. I’m an extrovert and (you guessed it) am energized by others. I wanted to use this along with my professional background in Marketing/Communications to help others in their journey of motherhood. I was incredibly fortunate to have the gift of a sweet sister and many dear friends who helped me as I figured out those early days as a brand new mom, and especially as a new mom whose actual mom had gone to heaven a few months prior. I will forever be grateful for each person who helped me by coming to hold my babies, bring a meal, let me take a nap or a shower—I could go on and on. Those people made me realize that one person could really make a huge impact on a whole family. It’s cliché, but so very true, especially for new moms who are so exhausted and who are navigating unfamiliar territory. And when I first heard about Your Milk Shoppe, I felt like its mission was aligned with my desire to help moms.

I have a soft spot in my heart for moms of multiples, because clearly that is my “specialty.” I pride myself in how quickly my head can swivel from one child to the other, and on the fact that I am still standing after potty training two toddlers at the same time. (Sticker charts and big prizes are amazing motivators.)

One thing that I love to do is come home to a quiet house on the mornings when my children are at preschool. They make our house such a joyful place, but there is just something about sitting on my couch making my plan of attack on the grocery list, errands, etc. with a hot cup of coffee that recharges my brain quicker than anything else in motherhood. Even though I love to be out and about, I’ve found this time of quiet planning is invaluable in helping me care for my family. Other things that recharge me: nachos (and of course margaritas), a long run in downtown Greenville, stand-up comedy, day dates with my husband, the Kenny Chesnee Pandora station, and planning, planning and then planning some more.

If we haven’t met yet, then I look forward to meeting you soon. And please know that I’m here giving you a virtual high five on the good days, and I’m here hiding in the pantry eating dark chocolate with you on the harder days!

If you’d like to connect with Lindsay, she would LOVE to hear from you! Please feel free to drop her a line at

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