How Anna and Rich’s Happily Ever After Led Them To Your Milk Shoppe

When Your Milk Shoppe was gearing up to work with the lovely parents to be, Anna and Rich, we couldn’t help but to wonder: what is their love story leading them to baby, and could we share it??!! We are tickled to be virtually supporting this beautiful minimalist couple residing in Brighton, England and feel so lucky to share their journey with you!

Anna’s Fairytale…

She was living in paradise – Koh Samui, Thailand (aka a postcard) – loving every moment of her solo life which entailed practicing and teaching yoga all day, dancing all night, indulging in tropical fruits, guided meditations, great DJs, sunset boat rides, beachy moonrises… she didn’t think it could get any better.

It did…when the manager of a fancy villa nearby asked if she’d teach private lessons to a VIP client, she declined as she was busy concluding a yoga teacher training. But she said, “Pleasssse!” and she soon found herself motor biking into the jungle at 6:00 am to share yoga. After savasasa, in a hurry to make it to her next class, whilst running down the gigantic marble staircase, simultaneously pulling the rubber band out of her hair as to be ready at the bottom to whip my helmet on, jump on the bike and go – a tribe of butterflies dive-bombed her head which sent her stumbling down the steps in a mess of wings and locks. Anna’s fall was halted when she crashed directly into a suntanned VIP strength and conditioning coach. Wind knocked out of her, gentle hands firmly steadying her shoulders, she gazed up into the kind sparkling eyes of her soulmate.

Morning after morning, Anna got to see him entering the villa on her way out… Rich showed up for both of her public yoga classes that week. After the second session, he stayed to “discuss the client,” so she invited him for vegan ice-cream, and over those frozen banana infusions his depth was illuminated and their connection ignited. A month together in Thailand – a lifetime worth of joy and sadness, glitter and costumes, deepening their love and planning their future.

Rich was to go to Bhutan with the team, Anna was heading to the US for the birth of her nephew – he joined her there, and met her family… Three months later they were back in Thailand for more work and adventure. Five months in and they were engaged in England. Seven months of love was celebrated at Burning Man. Ten months after joining forces they married in Anna’s hometown. And for their first wedding anniversary, they are preparing to welcome their baby girl. Happily ever after…

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