Happy Place

The events of the past few weeks have really taken a toll on our souls. We don’t know about you, but for us, it’s been increasingly more difficult to face each day with a positive attitude when there’s so much…well, just bad shit going on. Evil conquering innocence through acts of racism, terrorism and violence. This is not a new phenomenon. Humans have inflicted these wounds on each other for centuries. Each generation has lived through social uncertainty driven by natural and civil injustice all throughout history. But when such tragedies occur, back-to-back as they have, we feel it. This is the current state of our world and these are our battles…and it’s a scary time to be a parent.

While we cannot single-handedly change the course for humanity, we can do our part to brighten up our corners of the world. Kindness has to carry the torch; hate cannot prevail. In the darkness of these events, we need to find the light. The world needs a little more love in it right now- a little lift. So we thought: what could be more uplifting than finding out what makes people their happiest??

Happy places pop periodically throughout a normal day. Maybe it’s finally sitting down, in silence, with your cup of coffee- reheated for the fourth time. Or maybe it’s a walk on a beautiful Saturday morning with your family, hunting down the baddest brunch in town. Sometimes these moments are part of our routine and we grow to happily anticipate them, and sometimes they are magical and unexpected additions to an otherwise standard day. Either way, these little moments happen all the time. If we take a deep breath and a step back- realize our blessings, count them twice, and give them a big ol’ fat squeeze hug- we will see just how much we have to be thankful for.

So, we challenge you to take a look inward, and think about your happy place; really think about it. We’ve pulled together our happiest places to share with you. It was such a fun and therapeutic exercise, we hope you’ll follow suit and invite us into yours!

Amber’s Happy Place

My happy place shows up very early in the morning, and at the end of my day. I look forward to mornings with my girl. Most days, I wake up to, “Mama, where are you?”, or just simply, “Mama, mama, mama”, and I know that she and I are both excited to begin our day together. Walking into her room, seeing that googly-eyed smile, a little mouth full of randomly placed teeth, is no doubt my absolute slice of heaven. How lucky am I??!! Hello, happy place!

Every night, around 6:00 I begin Livy’s bedtime routine. First, I turn on Spotify, and play some of our favorite jams. She always looks at me, shakes her little booty, and then says, “Mama, up, up!”. I pick her up, and we begin to dance hand in hand. Some nights it is strictly Paul Simon’s album, Graceland; Livy loves the song, “Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes”. Other nights when we are feeling more saucy, you will find us dancing to Rhianna’s song, “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”; it really just depends on our mood. 🙂 We look forward to hearing the door open because she and I both know that daddy is HOME. Most nights, he doesn’t get home in time to serenade her before bed, but honestly when he does, it is so special for her, and such a treat for me to watch. I feel as though I have crossed the finish line once my daughter is in bed, fast asleep, my husband and I have eaten dinner together, and I am plopped on the couch; robe, slippers, and wine in hand. I take a deep breath, and I am in my happy place.

Kimmie’s Happy Place

That snippet of time between bath time and bedtime. I should preface this by saying, I LOVE bath time. Like, seriously love it. It’s helpful that Sam loves it, too, or else I’m sure my feelings toward it would be different. After dinner, he marches that big ol’ food-baby belly, buck naked, down the hall to the bathroom, where he beats cheerfully on the top of the tub until he’s airlifted in. As we’re scrubbing and playing, I recap his day, telling him about all of the cool things he did, people he met, stuff he learned…the times I was so proud of him, and the times I wanted to pull my hair out. Washing away all the dirt and sweat from the day, clearing his canvas so he can paint anew tomorrow.

Sam is always at his spunkiest after the bath. When we come parading back down the hallway into the living room, I usually find that the hubs has tidied up the dinner mess, and if we’re having wine, a glass is waiting for me. Together, we watch our absolute maniac of a child run around our apartment, jabbering and laughing, harassing the dogs and playing peek-a-boo, until he finally runs out of steam enough to sit and read a book or two. In the calm, we catch up from our day. My heart is so full in these moments. I’m very fortunate to be married to my best friend, who is also an excellent father to our babe. There’s nothing better than seeing the two of them together. I thank my lucky stars, every day, for this, and for them. That’s my happiest place.

What’s yours???


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