Fun & Inexpensive Sensory Activities at Home

We’re just beyond the halfway point of summer (and we don’t want to talk about it) BUT, that means there’s a good chance mama’s think-tank of activities is running on E. Fret not, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite inexpensive, homemade projects and sensory activities for your kiddos. You can never have too many ideas in your arsenal to keep everyone entertained and happy… especially on a rainy day, too!

Kid-made drum set

We are huge fans of this as it is cheap, easy and super fun! Here’s what you’ll need: -cans -safety can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges -balloons – use 7 inch balloons on smaller cans and 9 inch balloons on larger cans -rubber bands -dowels and beads for drumsticks

Thank you to @itsalwaysautumnblog for this genius idea. Check out her amazing blog, it is full of wonderful ideas for the whole family

Homemade bird feeder

Reasons we love this idea: it takes minutes to put together, and will amaze your children every time they witness a bird eating the seeds out of the homemade feeder.

You can really be creative with what you will need in order to create the feeder. Here is what we suggest- -Green apples cut in half with the seeds taken out -Peanut butter -Bird seed -Long screws to put in top of apple -Hearty string

Once you put the feeder together tie it on the branch of a tree near a window that your littles can reach. This is a great demonstration for them to see the fruits of their labor! (Pun intended ;))

Shaving cream artwork

How cool is this DIY marbled paper from shaving cream?! This is a great outdoor activity for you to provide when your littles have some friends over for a play date. Might we suggest letting them wear a painting bib and nothing else?! 🤪

Here is what you will need- -Shaving Cream -Food Coloring -Water -Heavier Weight White Paper -Straight Edge -Paint Brush -Muffin Tin -Medicine Dropper -Spatula -Tooth Picks or Spoon for Stirring Food Coloring -You can cover the table in a disposable plastic table cover to control the mess.

After the shaving cream is covered with the food coloring and swirled around in the muffin tins, that is when they should create the pattern onto a large piece of white paper. You can let it dry, and they can hang up their beautiful art work!

No Mess “Water Balloons”

Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight on a raging hot summer day?? We love water balloons around our house. (Correction: my son loves water balloons. And I love seeing him having so much fun with them. But the actual balloons?? Not a fan. For the choking hazard factor, but also the cleaning up the million and a half pieces that are left behind afterward factor, too.)

Check out this cute idea for a no-mess-“water-balloon”- fight.

What you will need:

-Non-brilo sponges, assorted colors

-Rubber bands

-Buckets of water

Take the sponges and cut them into strips. Gather a few strips and tie them together with a rubber band, making a sponge-ball (the “balloon”). Fill a few buckets, split into teams, and have a water balloon fight that can last for hours — the ammo is infinite! This is a fun one for tots or older kiddos alike, and will burn some steam while they’re creating and having a blast.

Happy Summering!



Does sensory play for your little one interest you, but you’re not sure where to start?? Give us a shout at, we can help! We have Developmental and Sensory Play Classes where you can get tips and also meet other mamas and kiddos at the same time! If you’re not where we are, we can still share this info with you virtually, all you have to do is ask! XOXO

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