Financially Planning for Baby – Q&A with Parent Financial

In a few words, tell us who is Parent Financial?

Parent Financial is a financial planning firm that believes every family should have a financial plan. To carry out that mission we have a team of advisors that specialize in working with moms and dads to navigate their financial questions and concerns.

How long has Parent Financial been operating?

We were founded in Charlotte in 2011.

What cities are you currently located in?

We have advisors in Charlotte, NC; Cleveland, OH; Greenville and Charleston, SC; and Knoxville, Nashville, TN. We are looking to add advisors in Atlanta and Boston by the end of 2018.

Why do expectant parents need your services?

Becoming a parent so much of the focus is on preparing your life for your newborn child. Using great resources like Your Milk Shoppe to prepare the nursery and find nanny help there are countless decisions and changes to make. We have found that far too often parents don’t take the time to make just as many updates to their financial life as they become parents. Moms and dads need to review their work benefits, update their insurance and make financial changes to their lives that are just as important as getting a new car seat. In addition to all of the important work our team does with expecting parents, our firm works with moms and dads that have children of all ages all the way up to empty nester parents who are in their 70’s.

We noticed that PF offers three classes: Expecting Parent Seminar, College Seminar and Retirement/Investment Seminar. Would you mind breaking down the focal points of each class and why they are so helpful?

The Expecting Parent Seminar is a step by step class designed to help expecting and new parents understand the key items to make sure they have reviewed and updated as they start or grow their family. Our College Seminar helps parents understand just how complex saving for college is these days. We help them learn about the different ways to save and how to maximize opportunities to qualify for financial aid. The Retirement Seminar is designed to help parents get a clear picture of their long-term goals and thus be able to make informed decisions today about how to navigate the changing markets and handling tax rates in the future. We’ve designed the classes to work as a stepping stone where each class provides you with the information needed to get you in a position to take the next one.

What is the difference between “Foundation Planning” and “Comprehensive Family Planning”?

We wanted to make sure that every family had access to a professional who could help them get their financial life in order so for that reason we do not have account minimums or fees to start our Foundational Planning process. Over 3 meetings we help parents get clarity and work to make sure they can check off that they have the proper amount in an emergency fund, updated their budget, have a will in place, review and update their home and auto insurance, and checked to see that their life and long term disability policies are updated now that they are parents. We work with each family to check each one of these categories off the list and that they truly have a strong financial foundation before moving on to any other planning topics. Once those are all completed the couples that want to continue working with us will then move into Comprehensive Planning. Moving into this next phase is the first time there is a fee associated with working with Parent Financial. Since all of the basics of the financial plan are in place, we then help couples to develop a clear strategy for saving for college, building their retirement strategy and developing an overall investment plan for their short term and long term financial goals. We then work with each couple through quarterly meetings and annual reviews to make sure we continue updating and monitoring the plan to keep the family on track.

We love your Community page; it is full of so many groups focused on moms and groups providing such positivity in their lives. What made you think to create these partnerships?

In working with parents the goal wasn’t just to provide great financial help. We wanted to become an overall resource for parents so if they needed to find a great place for their children to take swim classes we can help them know where to go. Parent Financial wants to be different in that we create lasting partnerships with other companies we believe have just as strong of a desire to help moms and dads as we do.

Once new parents find out that they are expecting, when is the right time for them to take your Expecting Parent class?

I would always recommend that they take a class as soon as possible. It gives them more time to understand and make updates prior to the baby being born. With that being said we have even had parents with 1 year old children who missed the class come back and take it and found it to be just as helpful. The goal is to help parents learn this important information so the key is that they take the class even if they aren’t expecting any more!

What is the easiest way to sign up for your classes? What days and times are they normally offered?

Go to and click on the “Classes” link. Most classes are offered on Saturdays at 10am, but depending on your location there are also weeknight classes offered.

We ask all of our features these two questions: What is your why? & What is your daily mantra in life?

Our founder Court Creeden started Parent Financial after having a good friend pass away and another friend get diagnosed with cancer who were both in their late 20’s. After seeing the impact on their lives Court starting asking more and more people if they would be prepared for similar life events. Time and time again the answer was “I don’t know”, or “I don’t think so”. The people answering were smart, they wanted to make good decisions, they just didn’t know where to go for help. That led him to founding Parent Financial. Our why is simple. At Parent Financial we believe that every family should have a financial plan. Financial planning isn’t something just for the top 1%, but that every mom and dad needs to sit down with someone that can help them plan for what truly matters most, their family. For that reason, we have a team of passionate advisors who want to be the resource to help parents learn about what they have, so they can make educated decisions about where they want to go in life.

Our daily mantra is “I am going to help one family today”. If every one of our advisors does that each and every day we can truly change the lives of thousands of families in cities all across the country.

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