Diaper bag dreams CAN come true!

“Ugh, it looks like a diaper bag.”

How many times did your pre-mom self say these words while shopping for pre-baby handbags?! Diaper bags aren’t always the most flattering accessory…but it doesn’t have to be that way. Finding the perfect bag to marry your personal style to life with your newest extra passenger can be just a tad overwhelming. But it is possible. She is out there, and she’s waiting patiently for you. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorites to help you find her!

(Spoiler alert: there is a bonus bag…because only 5 was just NO fun!)

First and foremost…

1. The Beauty (just for YOU, Mama!)

Lily Jade, Caroline: $269 (on sale now!)

Made of genuine leather, this gorgeous bag has a removable, machine washable baby organizer insert -with SIXTEEN! pockets. Heading out without your little? Stash that organizer in the closet and enjoy this beautiful handbag, just for you.


2. The Backpack

Fawn Design: $145

We’re cheating a little…this one’s also for you. This bag is perfection in our eyes. Sleek, smart design with delicate details, this back-pack has us doing back-flips. We get why this brand is always on backorder! Sign up for the Fawn Design newsletter to be in the know when the next batch is released. Plus, the startup story of this husband & wife duo creating and building this brand gives us all the feels. Can you say #lifegoals?! (Brown and Gray are pictured, also offered in Black and Navy.)



3. The Everyday

Lassig Glam Collection, Signature Bag: As low as $115

From an insulated pocket and removable insulated bottle holder to stroller hooks and a mini clutch, this super chic bag will have you making up reasons to leave the house. It’s made out of 100% recycled materials, so while you’re out, find a tree to hug…and give it an extra squeeze from us. We love this bag -AND Lassig’s ultra-green philosophy- and know you will, too.


4. The Cost-conscious 

Skip Hop, Duo in French Stripe: $70

This is for you mamas with champagne taste on a beer budget. No need to sacrifice on style OR function with this one. A large bag with nine secure pockets and a cute leather trim, we know you’ll love flaunting the fact that you’re equal parts stylish and savvy.


5. The Dad-bag

Diaper Dude, Messenger II Bag: $93

It’s European! Just kidding, it’s not, but your man can feel as confident as Jerry Seinfeld in a fur coat when carrying it. The best part: there is a checklist printed on the main flap to help Daddy ensure he’s packed everything he needs for his excursion with the little one.



12Little, Easy Diaper Pouch: $30

Don’t feel like lugging around the full-fledged diaper bag for your non-infant, non-potty trained child? Throw a few diapers and a pack of wipes in this protective pouch, throw said pouch in your own bag, and away you go!


Did we miss your favorite?? Please share it with us- we want to hear what you love!

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