Dear Mom Who Won’t Ask for Help…

Happy FriYAY, Mamas! Thank you for welcoming me into your tribe. Allow me to take a few moments to introduce myself and tell you why I’m here. My name is Kimmie, and there are two very important things that I already know we have in common: 1) we love our littles with every fiber of our entire being, and 2) we’re kick-ass women. *e-high five!* Did we just become best friends?? Yes, we totally did. I’m an Ohio native and now live in Chicago with my very handsome husband, Eli, and our deliciously sweet 1-year old son, Sam. Before Sam, Eli and I practiced parenting on our two chubby puggles, Hendrix and Harvey. The only tricks they consistently perform (and only when carrots are dangled, literally) are “sit”, and the occasional “lay down” – here’s hoping Sam’s a better study than they ever were!

So now the real question: why are you hearing from me? I am here because I believe in everything Your Milk Shoppe stands for. I am not here because I am an expert in this- any of it. In fact, I can’t even find my soapbox to rant from….

I am here to help bring a little light, love (and hopefully some laughs!) to your parenting journey. My goal is to offer up little nuggets of helpful, usable information that might make your days just a little bit easier. Motherhood is an emotional spice rack; the course of a single day is seasoned with elation, confusion, exhaustion, pure joy, pure panic, <insert any emotion you can think of>…the list goes on and on. There is not a one-size-fits-all plan to parenting; oh, how easy it would be if there was just ONE manual out there that dictated every step of the way for us! Honestly, I’m thankful it’s not that easy. The fact that we need each other, that we need help, creates an opportunity to build a community bonded solely on the common goal of striving to be our best, for our best. Motherhood is not a destination; it’s a journey- a beautiful one- and one that should (and can) be enjoyed. Your Milk Shoppe’s entire purpose is to help you in this quest.

Ok, so maybe I found my little soapbox after all… 😉

In this first post, I wanted to share an article that gives tips on how to really help a new mama. You all know her. You might even be her. The mom that refuses to ask for help, of any kind, ever. What is it about being a mom that we feel like we have to do everything on our own? Is it that if we ask for help, somehow that makes us weak or unworthy of this job? Is it pride? A sense of accomplishment? The fact that we don’t want to impose on others? It’s certainly a combination of all, but if I’m a betting woman, I’m putting most of my chips on the latter. In my office job, if I was ever having a hard time with something or if my plate was too full, I had noooo problem calling in for reinforcements. Without fail, my partner was happy and willing to lend a hand, every time. Why doesn’t that translate to motherhood? When my husband finally walks in that door after a long day at the office and a hellish commute home, he’s the last person I’m looking to for a tap out. I know that I can be the “Little Engine that Could” and huff right over that mountain to Sam’s bedtime…and a much deserved glass of wine.

For new moms, there is a free ‘ask-for-help’ pass, and while it should be redeemed often and without hesitation, it rarely is. We are supposed to ask family and friends for help; they’re practically chomping at the bit for their opportunity to shine. If for nothing else, they just want to hold (and smell!) that beautiful baby. If the entry fee is a casserole, they’ll bring two. Still, we find ourselves hesitant to ask for help because we know life is busy, and again, the last thing we want to do is impose on the people we love. This is where Your Milk Shoppe can become your new best friend. Let us come in and take a few things off of your plate so you can focus on the most important things in your world right now: bonding with your babe, striking a balance, and finding the new normal with your life’s newest tiny, perfect puzzle piece. The best part about hiring this kind of help: we won’t linger, unless you want us to. 🙂

While this article is directed toward helping new mamas, I found myself reading it and thinking how applicable it really is to any stage of parenthood. Not that I’m expecting you to come over and do my dishes or let me disappear for a nice long nap…but if that’s in your cards today, I won’t refuse your help!

I don’t necessarily know any mamas with a newborn right now, but I will definitely rolodex back these ideas for visits to friends and family with kiddos, and invite you to do the same. A nice little reminder that we’re all in this together…thank goodness.

Happy parenting-


Please keep us posted on how we’re doing, we’d love to hear from you!

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