BeautyCounter Q&A with Stephanie Hedge

We are thrilled to share this Q&A with a mom we adore, Stephanie Hedge! Stephanie is Mama to 3 adorable kiddos, Wife to Joel, and a BeautyCounter (BC) consultant in Greenville, SC. As mamas, we are ALWAYS on the hunt for safe products for ourselves and our little ones. If you’ve heard of BC and want to know more, here’s your chance!

For those of you who don’t know, what is Beauty Counter (BC)?

BC is a company on a mission to put safer products into the hands of everyone.  As it pertains to the beauty and personal care industry, BC is constant advocator for regulatory change and only develop products that are safe and high performing for women and their families.  BC is committed to a health and safety standard that is far beyond what is legally required in the US.  We pioneered the “never-list” that now comprises over 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients that will never be used in BC products.  The presence of these ingredients in the market is the reason BC is so active in their push for change.

When did you first learn about BC?  When was the moment that you decided that you wanted to try BC yourself?

A friend posted about BC’s summer offerings and it immediately caught my attention as I was looking for a safer sunscreen for my young boys.  I was also pregnant at the time, my skin was a mess and I wanted a regimen that would work but that I could use worry free.  I did some reading on BC and the industry and realized that I could be making better choices about the products I was using and putting on my family.  I borrowed a consultant’s kit (that at the time only consisted of a basic skin and hair care line) and after spending a couple of days using the products, I was hooked!

BC has a wonderful mom following, why do you think that is?

Because it’s a great company, with a great mission.  As moms, I think we are hardwired to take care and protect.  Health and safety awareness is increasing and armed with a little knowledge, it’s hard to not want better for ourselves and our families.  BC aligns with these concerns and offers moms peace of mind not only with their beauty and personal care product offering, but also with the overall efforts they make to put safer products into the hands of everyone.

How has pursuing running your own business through BC positively affected you?

It gave me something that was just for me. It can be challenging to find a balance between yourself and being mom.  Having this opportunity with Beautycounter I don’t have to compromise anything.  It allows me freedom to keep a flexible schedule for my family all while contributing financially as well as being a part of something positive.

What are your words of advice for moms when trying to launch a business like BC?

Don’t feel like you have to know everything right from the start. Someone once said “they would rather be ignorance on fire than knowledge on ice.” Sometimes you just gotta go for it!  And then there is the hestitation of time. That was my biggest hang up. Did a mom of 3 have enough time to begin a new business? I realized quickly, I did! That’s the beauty of BC, it can easily conform to your life. You work this business how it best suits you. Making small pockets of time available for it (think naptime, carline, etc.) can set you up for success.

What is your mom hack?

We use Sunday’s as our prep day.  We grocery, laundry, food prep, school prep and clean!  It makes you feel ready for a new week! Also getting up and getting myself ready for the day before little feet hit the floor definitely makes for an easier day…..til the little feet need breakfast!

You get an hour to yourself…..what would be the ideal way to spend it?

That’s easy……give myself a quick manicure (I love to paint my nails) and look on Pinterest and pin things I’ll never do!

How do you juggle it all, and find your balance?

The juggle comes down to having a good routine for the daily grind and I find balance with my family…….and the occasional night out with the hubs.

What’s your favorite BC product and why?

Nourishing Cleansing Balm hands down.  It’s the ultimate multi-tasker which is so great for busy moms.  It’s a cleanser, a make-up remover, and an overnight treatment and that’s only naming a few.

For kiddos, it’s the Baby Daily Protective Balm!

If you could say one thing about BC to our mom audience, what would it be?

Start simple.  Like me, try the sunscreen!  Read labels and empower yourself through the information available. Swap out potentially harmful products for ones that are safer and worry free. Small changes, can make a big impact!

For more information on BC products or to connect with Stephanie, please follow her on Facebook or visit her website!

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