Amber’s 0-6 Months Baby Musts

Let me tell you something mamas- the thought of bringing a second child into the mix was way more daunting than when he arrived, and we brought him home. I can confidently say that I am speaking for every mom when I say, the stress leading up to this transition is about being able to love both as much as they deserve, and give them the attention that they need, all while sneaking in some self-care for yourself. News flash: it is all possible, you just need to make conscious efforts to do all these things, but if they don’t always “get done”, then please just give yourself some grace, and say, “Eff it, tomorrow is a new day, the end”, and move on, sister.

Ok, on to the important stuff: all the “things” baby related that got me through the first six months of baby J’s life. It’s funny, being in the Mommy and Baby industry, I see and hear about all the newest gadgets, the magical items that will get your baby to sleep and eat successfully. When it comes down to it, your baby will be who they will be, from the minute they are earth side, and you must adapt and do the best you can. For example: baby J is the best eater and sleeper, he’s been that way from day one. When my daughter was born, she was the opposite, and it wrecked my mom world for the first year-because I thought I was doing something wrong, that I was not a great mom. Every kid is different, and that means what you will need to do for them daily will be different, too. That’s just the way it is.

Our Morning Routine: its been very easy and doesn’t require a lot of extra work. I’ve relied heavily on the Como Tomo bottle for feeds as my son has really taken to it and because of it, has very little tummy aches. The formula that I began using in month three is Holle, and I am obsessed with it. It’s a German brand, and every ingredient is super transparent, unlike many brands in the U.S. My Baby Brezza Formula Pro was a Black Friday purchase, and I’ve not looked back since…it is an absolute time and life saver. It blends the formula perfectly, at a temp that is best for the baby’s tummy. Once J is fed and happy, I put him in the Baby Bjorn Bouncer so that I can hang with both him and his sister, and some days, keep him contained while I get her ready for school. Not only is it super functional, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around.

Our Afternoon Routine: naps are obviously a thing in this season. I’ve really loved relying on the SNOO, and the Dockatot. If you look these items up, you’ll find many different opinions on whether to use them and why. Trust your judgement, mom, and do whatever works for you and baby. Julian responded well to being swaddled and loved the extra support of the Dockatot when we travelled. I’ve already completely transitioned him out of both, and it was super easy. Again, every baby is different, and I have no idea how yours will respond. When we do tummy time, I put him on a sheep skin mat with the Finn and Emma Play Gym above him. I absolutely love the simplicity of this play gym. If you haven’t gathered, I am drawn to very neutral, simple, easy to tote around baby gear in general. I am not a fan of a lot of bells and whistles, and I don’t like loud colors- they give me hives. As far as other toys/activities, I’ve been drawn to the black and white books with the cut-paper art, perfect for staring at. Some of my favs: “Baby Animals Black and White”, “Look, Look”, and “Spots and Dots”. I also love placing a mirror next to him, so that he can focus on his own face.

Our Bedtime Routine: I’m a huge fan of routines at night, especially. I do think it helps children to go to bed easier. With that said, I’ve got a lot of go-to’s that I rely on. I use essential oils to set a tone at night, and the one I always choose is lavender. Who knows, it may only chill me out, but nonetheless, it’s a steady friend that comes through in our household. When I am bathing Julian, I use all things Mustela. I love this brand, the simplicity of the ingredients, and not to mention, the smell. I found great towels and washcloths for Julian that are super soft and have stayed in great condition after washing them multiple times. The brand is SMITCO and all products are hypoallergenic, organic and great for sensitive skin. The baby tub that has been my lifesaver is Angelcare Baby Bath Support. It is made in a way that supports your baby from the very first bath into the many months ahead. For the nightlight, I have always used Hatch Baby Rest Night Light because it not only has different color options for the light, but also white noise. You can operate the device from your phone, and any time I can find a product with that feature, I buy it. When I swaddle baby J at night, I use the Halo Velcro swaddles. They have always worked well for us, and they’re super affordable. I’ve just begun working on transitioning my son out of the swaddle and I use the brand Woolino. Again, this brand has been a staple in our home as it is well made, lightweight, and grows with your baby.

Honorable Mentions:

Diapers – Pampers Pure

Wipes- WaterWipes Sensitive Baby

Butt Paste- Boudreaux’s

Nasal bulb- the one from the hospital (stock up on this one) and The Nose Frieda

Baby Monitor- Nanit or Summer Infant

Stroller – Uppababy Vista

Car seat – Uppababy or Britax

Pack N Play – Nuna

Diaper pail- Ubbi

Newborn Monitor- Owlet (love, love, love this)

Baby Carrier- Solly Baby Wrap

Baby blankets- Aiden and Anais

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