A Mother’s Day Guide for Dads

Women are hard to buy for. We’re tired of perfume and flowers. (Don’t get us wrong, we’ll still take those things.) But, we want something a little more …thoughtful… from you.

We ran a poll, and 8 in 10 moms said they wanted the gift of TIME this Mother’s Day. (The others said: 1) a Yeti Tumbler, and 2) SLEEP! Which, I suppose, could also be lumped into the time category.

We know what mama really wants, and it’s time. Time with you, time alone, time with girlfriends, time with the family. It might sound crazy to take the kids away from mom to celebrate Mother’s Day in 3 of the 4 options here, but hear us out! We have some failsafe ideas for you to help you really wow the special lady in your life this Mother’s Day.

(Disclaimer: these plans are best executed around Mother’s Day, say the Saturday before, not actually on Mother’s Day Sunday. On Mother’s Day, she’ll want to sleep in before being showered with snuggles, kisses from her kiddos, and breakfast in bed. Followed by more snuggles, and best case scenario, a nap.)

The bottom line and underlying factor in each of these options is simple — she doesn’t want to plan a thing. Not one single moment of it. So, make the reservation, take the kids or book the sitter, and send her OUT on her way!

Time with You

If there’s one resounding theme between couples with young kids, it’s rarely: “I spend so much time with you I’m just SICK of it!” Take her out for a day of fun all about her. Start with lunch, take her shopping, go see a movie, maybe even dip your toes in a pedi bowl with her. (Don’t worry, we won’t take your man card.) Feeling really saucy? Take her to a concert or a comedy club. So many of our conversations are centered around work, “how was your day”, schedules, family drama, baby poop talk — take a break from all that just get out and dance together. Or laugh together. Or both! On a budget? Pack a picnic with her favorite food and a yummy, refreshing beverage. For most women, the gesture doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it does have to be intentional.

Time Alone

Drawing a bubble bath and a glass of wine isn’t a bad option. However, in most homes, you can still hear the kids quarreling from the tub. If you really want to wow her, send her OUT for a day of pampering. Plan a spa day: find a full service spa, book the appointments, surprise her with a day off, her feet up, and her face masked. If you call any spa and tell them you are looking for help with a Mother’s Day package, they will take good care of your thoughtful self. Guaranteed.

Time with her Girlfriends

Get in touch with her bestie and arrange a playdate, sans kids. Make a reservation at her favorite restaurant or one she’s been dying to try, buy tickets to a show she’s been dying to see, book a bottle-and-brush (BYOB paint studio), or a wine tasting. Enlist the help of her girlfriend to plan a day that will really knock her socks off. Make it a complete surprise for extra brownie points.

Time with the Family

You probably get plenty of family together time, right? But how much of that is QUALITY family together time? Pack up the family and plan a day of adventures. Spend the morning at the zoo, or if your kiddos are a little older, hit a pottery painting class so she can take home some Mother’s Day masterpieces created by her mini-Picassos.

Whatever route you decide to go, please, for the love, just make sure the Mama in your life knows how much you appreciate and adore her. Celebrate her for everything she is, the gifts she brings to your life, and everything she does for you and your family.


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