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Meet the Mamas


Hey, Ma! 

We are Amber and Kimmie, Creators of The Peace of Mind Project and Peace of Mind Initiative, and we're so happy you are here. 


We are sisters-in-law and dear friends that became moms within just a few months of each other, states apart from one another. During that time, we struggled. A lot. And we researched. A lot. And we realized that while we each struggled with this transition to motherhood in our own ways, there were a lot of similarities in our journey, and we weren't as alone as we felt.


We knew we wanted better for our fellow moms, and were called to create a space we wished we would've had: a place to receive encouragement, community, and the option to hire out services that overwhelmed us. Because you deserve it, and you deserve peace of mind to be the best version of yourself, for you, and for your bests during this time.


So that's what we do. As Certified Maternity Consultants, we focus 100% on you Mama, your partner and your family, helping you navigate the diverse innerworkings of preparing for motherhood, throughout that first year, and beyond. We do this because we love supporting women, and firmly believe that in this messy, complicated, beautiful ride, we are better together.


Amber & Kimmie



Your new best friend, your Peace of Mind Consultant.

We have assembled a stellar team of dedicated Certified Maternity Consultants who are eager to work side by side with you through this exciting time!

Whether it's preparing for baby or time to return to work, these amazing mamas are seasoned in all things Motherhood and can't wait to hold your hands and help you rock yours.


Knoxville, TN

A few of my favorite things: my family, the beach, good wine, better coffee and my two dogs.

In my free time, you can find me: chasing my three kiddos, coaching youth soccer and cheering on the Tennessee Vols.

My Why: I'm on a mission to create more real connections in my community through sharing my truth with fellow moms so I can be the best version of myself for my family.

My Momtra:  Share your real stories with fellow moms and you'll find so much joy through real connections!  Oh and trust your gut always.


Charlotte, NC

A few of my favorite things: Coffee, traveling with my husband (kid-free - ha!) and the mountains (especially in Colorado, my happy place)


In my free time, you can find me: Sweating at Burn Bootcamp, teaching spin at the Y or chasing my 2 girls, Sally & Nora


My Why: To help mothers build their villages because mine has been invaluable. Charlotte is a wonderful city with a ton of resources for parents but can also be overwhelming and hard to navigate. I'm excited to help parents thrive in parenthood instead of simply surviving!

My Momtra: God made me to be their momma - so when in doubt, I pray and then trust my gut.


Greenville, SC

Lindsay believes you need to find “your people” in life. These are the people who you laugh with, celebrate with, and even cry with. You especially need “your people” during times of big change.

When Lindsay had her boy/girl twins, she was thankful to have her people in place. They were an incredible help—especially since she had lost her mother after a brief illness a few months earlier. She believes that every mom in every situation needs to have people to help her through this rewarding but challenging and often exhausting stage.