This is an exciting time. And, it's OK, you can say it:

it's super overwhelming, too.

We can help.



Mama Prep
Partner in Crime
All of the Things

Here's what you can expect:


  • Crash course in baby gear

  • Guides to help you prepare for life postpartum, rock your return to work and a library of resources to help you navigate that first year

  • Access to your dedicated Peace of Mind Consultant for 30 days as you complete the program.

This is perfect for the mama-to-be who mostly has it together, but has questions, wants Peace of Mind, and could use an expert in her corner.

This package is perfect for the mama-to-be who is looking for a Planning Partner throughout this journey.


These mamas receive the Peace of Mind Program, plus:


  • Unlimited email access to one of our seasoned Maternity Consultants for 90 days

  • Postpartum check-in and happiest baby refresher


This is the perfect package for the mama-to-be who feels a little like a hot mess express and has no idea where to start.


From consulting home setup to stocking your nursery, we've got your back and will get you ready to rock new momlife!

The MOTHER of all packages. You will receive all of the benefits of a Partner in Crime, plus


  • One full year of unlimited email access to your dedicated Peace of Mind Consultant

  • One year complimentary membership to MamaThrive 


This is perfect for the mama-to-be who is drowning, sending up smoke signals, 'SOS'ing her way through pregnancy.


We've got your lifevest right here with All of the Things,

as your Partner in Crime, delivering you, Mama, 

the ultimate Peace of Mind.

Nanny Placement


One of the biggest obstacles new moms face when returning to the workplace is finding reliable, affordable childcare.


Looking for a nanny is overwhelming, often terrifying, and something we feel strongly new moms should not have to navigate on their own. Through our tried and true and rigorous process, we help families find their "forever nanny" by matching them to professional, career caregivers.




When you choose us for your Nanny Placement, we use our own personalized and thorough method to find the very best nanny for your family. Our process is tried and true and will take from two weeks to eight weeks.


You share with us all of the details and your desires for your nanny position, and we supply you with nanny candidates we have personally interviewed and vetted before presenting them to you. 


We place part-time and full-time nannies with any schedule and combination of care you need. We are here for you the entire process and are always available to answer any questions you may have, as working moms ourselves we understand how invaluable finding the perfect nanny is to the success of family.


Thank you for your interest in working with us and our amazing client families!


Please note, to be considered for placement, you must have:

  • minimum 2-years of dedicated, full-time childcare experience

  • current CPR/First-Aid Certifications

  • a clean background check and motor vehicle record.

If you'd like to submit your resume for consideration, we'd love to hear from you!